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コマンド? 効果?
/playerlist or /online? lists players online?
/enable|disable|reload [plugin?] Manage plugins?
/i [itemID|player] [itemID|amount] (amount)? Get item [itemID] [amont?]
/who (player)? Player information?
/spawn? Return to spawn?
/setspawn? Change spawn to where you are?
/time (day|night|raw)? Change the time?
/me? Emote your messages?
/afk? Go away or come back?
/message|tell|m [player] [message?] Private msg?
/compass|getpos? information about position?
/warp [name?] Warp to [name?]
/warp create <name>? Creates a new warp called <name>?
/warp delete <name>? Deletes the warp <name>?
/warp list <#>? Lists all the warps that you have access to.Blue = created by you, green = public, red = private and you have access.
/warp search <query>? Searches through the warps you have access to for <query>?
/warp private <name>? Privatizes the warp <name> so that only you and invitees can use it?
/warp public <name>? Publicizes the warp <name>?
/warp invite <player> <name>? Invites <player> to warp <name>?
/warp uninvite <player> <name>? Uninvites <player> to warp <name>?
/warp convert? Imports warps.txt into the MyWarps db.?
/home? Go home, young chap?
/home set? Sets your home. If you already had a home, it overwrites your old one.?
/home delete? Deletes your home, but why would you want to do that??
/home invite <player>? Invites <player> to your home?
/home uninvite? Uninvites <player> to your home?
/home <player>? Go to <player?
/home public? Makes it so that anyone can visit your home.?
/home private? Makes your home private again. (only you and your friends can go to it).?
/home convert? Imports home.txt (from directory containing Craftbukkit.jar) into the database.?
/help or /?? Returns this documentation?


ヘルプ / FAQ もご覧ください。