What is "Soyokaze"


Soyokaze Network is a virtual train base transport network originated from the 3D railway simulator game - Railsim 2. Through years of development, Soyokaze Network has become more diverse and move beyond Railsim 2 Focus, towards a transportation network (company) focus.

In Soyokaze Network, Members establish their network with urban planning in mind. Each members has a focus area with ER (Managed by Gordan) providing co-ordination and control over the bigger world view. Once each member establishes their own network in their focus area, connections with other members lines can be made and are discussed through various means (such as MSN or blog e.t.c.) However, all major announcements are to be made in shigenori BBS.

Soyokaze Network Wiki is the collection of information from shigenori BBS. Information related to lines, rolling stocks, tickets e.t.c. can be found in Soyokaze Wiki once approved in shigenori BBS.

We are currently welcoming all new members. If interested, please visit Shigenori BBS and post a thread to inform us.