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Job Base(s): Mage
Job Type: 2-2
Changes At: Juno×
Number of Skills: 20
Total Skill Points: 116
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+5 +5 +3 +9 +5 +3

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Sages are a PvP-oriented class with the role of caster/anti-Mage. They do not have the offensive abilities of a Wizard, but are a slightly buffed version of Mage with their Free Cast×ing. Sages shine in their defensive abilities, with many builds centered around Magnetic Earth×. Dispell× is also a popular and sought-after spell which is useful for removing buffs from the enemy. Many of their skills can only realistically be used in PvP, making PvM quite difficult, particularly for VIT×/DEX× builds that have difficulty solo levelling. Battle sages are a 'for fun' build which can become a powerful leveling build only if matched with a Soul Linker (see Sage Spirit× for more info).

Job Change Guide

See Sage Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Sage from a Mage requires the player to complete a number of tasks:
  • Item Collection
  • Written Test
  • Battle Test
  • Thesis Composition

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Sage. This takes place in Juno×.


If the player desires more than just a Magnetic Earth slave or occasional battle-fun character character, it is advised to choose a PvM build in order reach Scholar as soon as possible. This makes the Sage itself only a stepping stone.

Generally the best two Bolts to max are Fire Bolt× and Lightning Bolt×. The former is pretty much a given and LB is chosen because it is on the opposite side of the elements table. What this means is that having both FB and LB covers all the basic elements with no room for weakness. FB/CB on the other hand is weak to Water, as neither element is effective against it.

The quickest and easiest way to reach level 99 is to go for 99 Int/Dex. Skills generally include Thunderstorm× and Heaven's Drive× for mobbing, max Dragonology×, maxing all three Bolt skills and skipping the many PvP skills, such as Stone Curse× and Magnetic Earth. However, this depends on personal preference. Since the introduction of the endgame dungeons, having Magnetic Earth will make your sage much more desirable for parties, making the last few levels easier.

PvM / Endower

Skill build : Skill Simulator

This build focuses on high INT for decent damage output with the limited spell arsenal. The goal is Lv. 99, might as well try to get there as fast as possible. The character can double as an endow-slave. WoE× is not out of the question but you will not preform as well as a sage specialized to fully support obviously.

WoE Support

  • STR: 1-20
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 50-60
  • INT: 70-90
  • DEX: 125+
  • LUK: 9
Skill build : Skill Simulator

The Scholar-wannabe build. They have high DEX for fast casting Magnetic Earths, and moderate VIT for durability. But with only marginal INT, they are very slow to level PvM-wise, and their damage with bolts won't drop anyone.


  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 99
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 99
  • DEX: 9
  • LUK: 1
Skill build : Skill Simulator

Free Cast and Hindsight× allows this build to melee with books while raining bolts from above on their foes. Despite being a melee build, their main offensive power doesn't come from having STR, but rather from the high ASPD× to trigger the moderate damage bolts. Some even prefer to drop their STR to a marginal amount, and wield a Bazerald dagger for the added MATK× bonus. Coupled with the Sage Spirit buff of Soul Linkers, leveling them in Ice Dungeon 3 with Lightning Bolt is very effective. Hindsight Sages should not use any shield because using them will lower their ASPD by a significant amount.

Hybrid aka Battle Sage

  • STR: 30 - 80
  • AGI: 60 - 90
  • VIT: 1 - 60
  • INT: 73 - 110
  • DEX: 35 - 75
  • LUK: 1 - 30 *possible to have a CRITICAL built sage*
Skill build : *same as Hindsight*
Skill build : Skill Simulator

This is the Soldier Sage build, usually with a lot of variations. They are strongest at PvM with almost nil equipment, and can even take on PvP and WoE provided they have elitist equipment. This is the one of the few builds where careful planning is needed, lest you will have to resort to character deletion. Physical attacks complement the magical autocasts and precasts, which make it devastating with attack speed. Can still work even though MDEF or DEF is high. This is one of the few builds that can use the Ledger of Death book to it's fullest potential, allowing quite a few attacks to do a melee powered 27x27 AoE.


  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 70
  • INT: 130+
  • DEX: 70
  • LUK: 9
Skill build : Skill Simulator

During the early days of the introduction to the Sage class, it was the glory days of the Hocus-pocus× Sages. Sadly the yellow-gem nerf and Hocus-pocus Boss× nerf meant the end of their era. The build aims at the most INT possible for a good regen rate, since casting HP repeatedly can drain the SP considerably. It also doesn't go for maxed DEX, but focuses more on VIT instead to avoid death by random Hocus-pocus skills.

Bolting Sage

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 9
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 99+
  • DEX: 99+
  • LUK: 1
Skill build : Skill Simulator

If you like to level like a Wizard or Mage, you can use this build to take advantage of your Mage's magical attacks. This build is similar to the basic Wizard build; high INT and DEX, and maxes Dragonology for the extra +3 INT to make up for the Sage's lower INT job bonus. This build takes advantage of Fire Wall×, Heaven's Drive, and Thunderstorm to kill mobs of enemies. Frost Diver× and Lightning Bolt can be used as a combo to aid in leveling; as it is easy to use due to its ability to quickly disable a single target. Having all three elemental bolts gives you more options for dealing with different enemies, and Free Cast can help you avoid sticky situations. It's recommended to stick with Rods that give high Int or Dex (depending on what you prefer). Or if possible, a Principles of Magic may be the best choice.



Their AoE×-repertoire is limited to Fire Ball×, Fire Wall, Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm. Although a battle build can be enjoyable, partied with a Priest, a pure PvM build yields faster exp rates. Their endows can be indispensable for other classes during PvM×/MVP×, hence many Sages are built for slaving purposes only.


  • Offense : A sage is excellent in breaking down opponent precasts (such as Storm Gust×) using Magnetic Earth, weakening their forward defense. The second task is to use Dispell to remove buffs from as many opponents as possible, to weaken their counterattack ability. If there is time to spare, it is also helpful to Stone Curse (or Frost Diver) enemies, making it easier to deal with them. In most cases, the sage will want to stick with the other Priests.
  • Defense : While attempting to hold a castle, sages are needed mostly to Dispell any enemies who come in. If there are multiple enemies, Stone Curse is applicable to break down their tactics. Generally, Sages do not join precasts, but simply stand back with other support classes for defense. Remember to use Sight× in case there are any Assassins or Rogues sneaking in.

In WoE the most useful build for a Sage is Support. This involves setting down Magnetic Earth as quickly as possible in a precast and Dispelling foes. Spell Breaker× is a useful skill for preventing casts such as Storm Gust or even if a Monk attempts to Guillotine Fist× (which is quite common, Support Sages are high up on the 'kill-on-sight' list). Stone Curse is used as a form of defensive spell and to divert fire until teammates can come to the player's aid. A support build is of course team-oriented and communication with guild members is a must.


  • All : Always try to Dispell the opponent to remove their buffs, and use Sight to prevent ambushes from hidden characters. Use Frost Diver or Stone Curse to disable them.
  • Melee : Knights, Crusaders, Blacksmiths, Alchemists, Assassins, and Rogues : Since these classes usually depend on being close to their target, and many having low MDEF×, if a sage is able to kill them before they approach, victory is possible. Against certain (usually low-ASPD) builds, Safety Wall can help. Fire Wall, Frost Diver, or Stone Curse is helpful to slow them down. To deal with Hiding× or Cloaking×, use Sight.
  • Ranged : Hunters, Bards, Dancers, and Gunslingers : Sages are lacking in long-range defense. Their best bet is to get into casting range and Frost Diver or Stone Curse them on the spot. Equipped with a Phen accessory, it might be possible to counter attack from a distance, but it is difficult to out-damage them. However, this may be the only option if the opponent uses Arrow Repel× or traps.
  • Magical : Wizards, other Sages, and Ninjas : A sage, using Spell Breaker, Magic Rod, and Magnetic Earth, can defend from most forms of magical attack. The major threat would be from quickly cast skills/high DEX attacks like Jupitel Thunder× or Freezing Spear×, which should be countered with Magic Rod×, followed by freezing the opponent. Against other sages, it is often a matter of who attacks first or faster. It may also be possible to trick them to magic rod their spell break.
  • Monks : Use Dispell to remove them from their Fury× status, rendering them unable to Guillotine Fist. Safety Wall can also be used. Once their SP is drained, it is simple to take a monk out with usual skills.
  • Priests : Priests usually do not battle with Sages, as chances are neither will be able to kill the other.





  • In practice, the 3s book is rarely used. Hindsight sages who do not have access to better weapons more often choose to fight barehanded or use a Bazerald instead. Strictly for Magic Attack, The Principles of Magic sets (Principles of Magic, Pocket Watch, Librarian Glove, Monocle) outperforms other gear combinations on a hindsight sage. Ledger of Death, on the other hand, is a better choice for those who wish to achieve the highest possible attack speed.


  • VIT/DEX Sages can use Fortune Swords, Grimtooths, or Combat Knives for defensive purposes.
  • Battlesages can use Dagger of Counter for crits.


  • INT/DEX Sages and the majority of VIT/DEX opt for a Rod of some sort. Dexterous/Vital Rods/Staffs are the most common, although Survivor's Rods have become very popular. In Veins update there is an item called Survivor's Manteau , which grants bonuses if a Survivor's Rod is equipped.



  • All around useful headgear for mage classes. Gives 2 INT and increases SP by 150.

  • This makes a good headgear for leveling, and can also be used in PvP. Although it is a fragile headgear (0 DEF and no damage reduction) the relatively large DEX bonus is a nice compensation.

  • A PvP/WoE headgear that is useful alongside a Poo Poo Hat. It's not recommended to use this for general leveling.

  • A solid headgear which cannot be broken, giving 5 Defense. VIT/DEX Sages might be fond of this, although Drooping Cats and Poo Poo Hats are most common for WoE.

  • 10% damage from Demi Human×s makes for an excellent headgear in PvP and WoE. It gives an additional +1 MDEF, +1 DEF, and is upgradeable.
  • Slotted headgear (Dress Hat, Virgo Diadem, Crown of Deceit, Moon Rabbit Hat, etc)
(If the Sage is not VIT based then Marduk Card would be useful here, which protects from the silence× status.)


  • The mid-headgear for those with lots of money, or lucky enough to own/inherit one from years ago. S.Sunglasses are more likely now to be saved away for MvP cards. If a Sunglasses is Erudite or Peerless though, it can be useful for a Sage.

  • DEF Headgears
  • These headgears are mainly used for the DEF× they provide. Angel/Evil Wing Ears are a particularly good choice for Battlesages as they give both DEF and STR, although Masquerade is a possibility as well (only for Battlesages - the +3% does not work in conjunction with Magic). Opera Masques and Alarm Masks also occupy the bottom slot.


15% resistance to silence.
3% damage from Insect× race monsters.
  • Evolved Pipe
+1 VIT - Kafra Shop Item Only


Provides 5 DEF and weigh very little.
Provides 6 DEF but weighs a massive 230, drastically limiting the amount of other items that can be carried.
It doesn't have as much Def as Mink Coat and it's not as light as Formal Suit but an ordinary Coat is a lot cheaper. The weight is quite hefty though. Mantles are a good alternative for making an elemental armor set due to their low price and weight.
Most popular choice for Unfrozen armors given its weight and MDEF.


Don't bother with the Mage-class Card combo (Parasite), just go for a racial card. Slotted memory book is very useful for caster sages, it has the same function as a guard with an additional +1 int. Memory Book is also part of the Pocket Watch set.
Tiny bit more Def than a Guard.. and also offers -5% damage from Large Sized Monsters (Ice Titans / Byalan Monsters).


Battlesages would be best off with either Whisper or Raydric depending on their flee whilst casters may opt for Raydric and Noxious Cards.
Gives a good chunk of MDEF.


For leveling Eggyra is best given the SP regeneration. Verit work well in WoE, Matyr and Firelock Soldier tend to be aimed more at melee/less SP dependent classes. The new +exp shoes make a good alternative for leveling.


Clips are good for utility cards, for example Creamy, Phen and Vitata. It is almost essential to get these cards, otherwise it will be significantly harder to level. Once the player reaches level 90 alternatively they can be slotted into Gloves/Rosaries for a small boost in stats and to make switching easier.
Nimble Gloves (Zerom Card) give a large amount of DEX which makes a noticable difference to cast timed. Prior to level 90, Zerom/Wormtail Clips are feasible.
Rosaries are the common choice for WoE.
Aimed for melee only. Kukre or Mantis Cards can be used, depending upon which accessory is chosen.
A good alternative for Clips. The reason to this is that they take a different hotkey. Cycling between 3 accessories has never been easier with two Clips (Phen and Zerom) and a Nile Rose (Vitata).
Good choice for Battle Sages, since they can get close to 190 ASPD without accessories, having this combo lets you dish out a bit more damage.
Used with the Principles of Magic set. Pocket Watch is used with the monocle + memory book set.

Class Data


See Mage Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cast Cancel× Cancel the casting of your skill and regain some of the SP. 5 Active
Deluge× Use a Yellow Gemstone to create a 7x7 area of water on the ground. 5 Active
Dispell× Use a Yellow Gemstone to remove all buffs from the target, with several exceptions. 5 Active
Dragonology× Increases INT up to 3, and increases ATK and MATK× versus Dragon-race enemies. 5 Passive
Earth Spike× Attack a target for up to 500% Earth-element damage. 5 Offensive
Endow Blaze× Use a Red Blood to endow a party member's weapon with the Fire-element. 5 Supportive
Endow Quake× Use a Green Live to endow a party member's weapon with the Earth-element. 5 Supportive
Endow Tornado× Use a Wind of Verdure to endow a party member's weapon with the Wind-element. 5 Supportive
Endow Tsunami× Use a Crystal Blue to endow a party member's weapon with the Water-element. 5 Supportive
Free Cast× Allows you to walk and attack while casting spells. 10 Passive
Heaven's Drive× Earth-element AoE attack dealing up to 500% MATK to targets in a 5*5 area. 5 Offensive
Hindsight× Allows the Sage to choose a skill from a short list and autocast that skill when physically attacking. 10 Active
Hocus-pocus× Use 2 Yellow Gemstones to invoke a random non-Transcendent skill, or one of a few Hocus Pocus-specific effects. 10 Active
Magic Rod× Absorb a single-target skill that is targeting you, negating its damage and giving you SP×. 5 Active
Magnetic Earth× Use a Blue Gemstone and Yellow Gemstone to create an area that cancels ground-targeting spells. 5 Active
Sense× Reveal basic information about the target monster. 1 Active
Spell Breaker× Cancel the skill that the target is currently casting and absorb it as SP. 5 Active
Study× Adds +3 ATK and +0.5% ASPD per skill level to Book weapons. 5 Passive
Volcano× Use a Yellow Gemstone to create a 7x7 area of fire on the ground. 5 Active
Whirlwind× Use a Yellow Gemstone to create a 7x7 area of wind on the ground. 5 Active

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level Requirement Quest
Create Elemental Converter× Allows the Sage to create Elemental Converters, which can be used for short term endows. 1 Active None Create Elemental Converter Quest
Elemental Change× Uses an Elemental Converter to permanently change the element of a monster. 1 Active 40 Elemental Change Quest

Soul Link

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
STR 42 44 46 47 48
AGI 3 6 13 22 33
VIT 4 11 18
INT 1 8 15 24 30 37 38 45 50
DEX 20 25 27 32 39
LUK 17 35 40


Weapon Base ASPD ASPD w/ Study Lv.10 Base Delay Delay w/ Study Lv.10
Unarmed 155 155 450 450
Dagger 147.5 147.5 525 525
Book 145 147.5 550 525
Rod 137.5 137.5 625 625

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