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Job Base(s): Novice
Job Type: Extended
Changes At: Payon×
Number of Skills: 17
Total Skill Points: 88
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +6 +0 +0 +6 +0

+← クリックで目次を開く


TaeKwon Kids are practitioners of the art of TaeKwon-Do. They fore go the use of weapons and instead specialize in a variety of kicks. Their equipment is limited to equips that are usable by all jobs except novices. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule (i.e. Manteau s and Boots can be equipped by them).

Job Change Guide

See TaeKwon Kid Job Change Guide for information.


Stat Builds

See TaeKwon Master Builds or Soul Linker Builds for second class stat builds.

TaeKwon Ranker

TaeKwon rankers are permanent first class characters, utilizing the bonuses from the TaeKwon Missions/ranking system to maximize their potential. Rankers must complete TaeKwon Missions (see link below) in order to become and stay ranked.

Before getting the 9x ranker bonus (Giving 3x HP/SP, access to all TaeKwon skills), TaeKwon Kid's max HP is low (2676 hp at lvl 89 with 1 vit. 50 vit at the same level is 3975 hp), so agi builds are heavily advised for early levels if you're going to solo.

For a ranker, Agi serves 3 purposes. First is flee. Second is to trigger one of your stances (when you are 9x ranker, you will have all 4 stances active). The third is that once you have started kicking, Agi does, in fact, speed up the rate at which you kick. The kicks have an ASPD-based cooldown, and the higher your ASPD, the faster you can spam your kicks.

If you are WoE or PvP minded, getting vit at higher levels to create a hybrid build is a good idea.

Do not forget that you can get +10 str through spurt status.

Pure PvM

This build relies heavily on aspd and flee to get the job done. You should be able to achieve 200+ flee easily, and can solo where most agi characters can go.The little bit of int is for regening sp once you become ranked. Spamming kicks, even though only 2 sp, eats at your sp slowly. You will be susceptible to stun and will be very fragile in pvp, defensively. You will also find that, as a 9x ranker, pots are mildly ineffective, relative to your maximum hp. (Since healing efficiency relies largely on your vit). Recommended starting kicks: Heel, Counter, and/or Roundhouse.

Hybrid PvP/PvM/WoE

  • STR: 110~130
  • AGI: 50~70
  • VIT: 50~70
  • INT: 1~12
  • DEX: 50~60
  • LUK: 1
This build is designed to do decently in PvM and pvp/WoE situations. For PvM, the build can hit 180 flee, with high damage per kick. Dex is raised to deal with agi classes. Compared to the Pure PvM build, this build will generally take a little longer to start your combos, but makes up for that with a tougher defense. Recommended starting kicks: Heel, Counter, and/or Roundhouse.

Pure PvP/WoE

  • STR: 120~130
  • AGI: 10~30
  • VIT: 70~90
  • INT: 1~12
  • DEX: 50~70
  • LUK: 1
This build is designed for purely PvP or WoE. High vit increases survivability, while sacrificing speed. Decrease in speed does 2 things: Delays the time it takes for a stance to activate to start comboing, and slows down emp breaking time (the active kick skills do not work on the emp, thus it cannot be combo'd). For emp breaking, The Hybrid build is probably better overall. Recommended starting kicks: Tornado and Counter. Vit chars tend to mob more to level, so tornado speeds up mob killing. Counter kick is there for a stronger kick. It was chosen over roundhouse because roundhouse will knock surrounding monsters back and stun them, putting them out of range for the follow up tornado. If you are not mobbing, Heel Drop and Counter kick are recommended.

Although the build might do better its job in PvP/WoE, note that doing your TaeKwon Missions to stay ranked, will become harder. The build lacks flee and although you have more defence, overall you will take more damage while doing a TaeKwon Misson.

Building a Ranker's Skills

In general, a ranker's skill build should have the following:
  • 2 kicks maxed with stances (not flying kick/tumbling) - 16 points (if you are already in /taekwon, you can use one stance for triggering full combo)
  • Mild Wind× 7 - 22 points (with pre-reqs)
  • TaeKwon Mission× - 1 point
  • Sprint× 10 - 10 points

Choosing your kicks

Choosing your 2 kicks is important. You will have these 2, and only these 2, until you become 9x and ranked.

To maximize your damage output on a single target, get counter and roundhouse (both are 400% damage kicks). Counter gives you 100% hit, and roundhouse has a high chance of stunning any monsters around you that you arent targeting.

To control the damage you receive as much as possible, get Heel Drop and Roundhouse. Once you get practice, you can delay use on your heel drop to keep the monster in a permanently stunned state, leaving you virtually undamaged. Using Roundhouse will stun the other monsters attacking, and knock them back. When they unstun, they may aggro someone else on screen.

Heel Drop and Counter Kick is another combination you can use to control incoming damage. While the 100% hit from counter isnt necessary if the target is stunned, counter's effects are much more predictable than what happens to the other monsters after roundhouse stun finishes.

If you have a tank/HP slave and/or are a pure vit build, tornado kick is recommended, since you have the ability to mob better than an agi class. It would be good to pair the 300% AoE tornado with a 400% kick. The advantages and disadvantages of Counter Kick and Roundhouse kick have been explained.

Once you are 9x and ranked all the kicks will become available. It's however recommended not to use all kicks. Best is to make a choice again between 2-3 kicks depending on the situation, see above. However, don't forget to prepare always all the 4 kick stances. It will trigger your kicks faster, even if you do not use the right kick at the right first stance. Example: if you have prepared 4 stances but you use only 2 stances, the other 2 stances will still trigger the 2 stances you use.

Order of Skills

First off, you should get your 2nd kick last. Pick the one that you think would be more useful, and get it earlier. Heel drop is a solid top choice since a lot of monsters you will face will stun, allowing you to get free hits in.

Sprint should be the first or second skill you get. You dont have to get it maxed right away, but it helps for sp cost (if you have no sp gear). Since TaeKwons get no weapon, their damage is very low early on. Sprint compensates for this. Merely having the skill gives you defense-bypassing damage, more than low-to-mid levels of str will ever give.

Mild Wind should be after sprint, but its your choice on whether to get a kick first. It is recommended that you stop Mild Wind at 4 at first, then work on another skill (your kicks), especially if you are already ranked. Being able to combo spam kicks is more valuable than having shadow endow. This is because, for the most part, you will not be encountering any monsters weak to holy, shadow, or ghost before job 50 (few exceptions include zenorcs, low level undead that are also weak to fire, and thief bugs)

When you are working toward Mild Wind, get Kihop maxed first. This will unlock Taekwon mission early, as well as give you atk bonuses. When you're leveling on a map, ask people you run into if they wouldnt mind partying for your kihop (they dont have to be taekwon classes to affect your kihop). Most soloers will be nice and accept it. If you happen to run into the few jerks who won't, dont waste your time begging.



TaeKwon Kids are limited to headgears usable by "all classes except novice". However, some items have an extra bonus for Taekwon class:

   +1 Agi, +3% HP regen.
   +2 Dex, 10% chance to inflict stun with a melee attack, +2 ATK per upgrade.
   +5 crit, +2 Luk.
   +2 Perfect dodge, +1 Luk.
   +1 Int, +3% SP regen.


TaeKwon Kids can wear all footgear usable by "all classes except novice" and Boots.



TaeKwon Kids are limited to "all classes except novice" armors.


TaeKwon Kids can wear all garments usable by "all classes except novice" and Manteau.



   DEF+3, MDEF+5, -20% damage from Fire, Water, Shadow×, Undead× elements.
   DEF+3, -5% damage from Large× size.


TaeKwon Kids can equip all accessory usable by "all classes except novice".


TaeKwon Kids can't equip weapons.

Class Data


See TaeKwon Master Skills or Soul Linker Skills for second class skills.


Stances must be toggled to use their corresponding kicks. The exception to this is Tumbling being toggled to use Flying Kick, though due to their secondary functions they still should be categorized as such.

Skill Description Levels Type
Tornado Stance× 15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Heel Drop Stance× 15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Roundhouse Stance× 15% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Counter Kick Stance× 20% chance to activate on hitting a target. 1 Supportive
Tumbling× 20% chance to dodge ranged magic and AoE attacks. If in Spurt× status, also 20% chance to dodge melee attacks. Enables to use Flying kick× as a counter. Usable by Soul linkers. 1 Supportive


Kicks are the TaeKwon Kid's damaging attacks. Their respective stance must be toggled. The exception to this rule is that Tumbling does not have to be toggled to use Flying Kick.

Skill Description Levels Type
Tornado Kick× 5*5 AoE× kick, up to 300% damage. 7 Offensive
Heel Drop× Stuns target, up to 300% damage. 7 Offensive
Roundhouse× Up to 400% damage to target, pushes back and stuns enemies surrounding it. 7 Offensive
Counter Kick× Up to 400% damage, never misses. 7 Offensive
Flying Kick× Up to 100% base damage, increases if activated after Tumbling or while Sprinting. Instantly moves user to target. Dispels Soul Linker buffs on target. 7 Offensive

Other Skills

These skills do not fit into the above categories.

Skill Description Levels Type
Sprint× Move quickly in a straight line. Passively increases unarmed damage and kick skill damage. At level 7 or higher, enables to buff self for +10 Strength 10 Active
Peaceful Break× Recover HP× quickly when sitting next to another sitting Taekwon kid, Taekwon master or Soul Linker. Using //doridori further increases this regen. 10 Passive
Happy Break× Recover SP× quickly when sitting next to another sitting Taekwon kid, Taekwon master or Soul Linker. Using //doridori further increases this regen. Passively adds a high chance of Earth Spike× Scroll×s not being destroyed when used. 10 Passive
Kihop× Adds up to 10% to your attack power per person in your party and on the same map as you. 5 Passive
Leap× Jump over cells, including impassable ones. 5 Supportive
Taekwon Mission× Gives you a mission to hunt a specific monster type to compete for Taekwon ranker status. Not usable by Soul linkers or Taekwon masters. 1 Active
Mild Wind× Change the element of your weapon to anything but poison and neutral for a duration. 7 Active

Job Bonuses

Job Bonus
Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6
STR 1 2 3 4 5 6
AGI 20 21 22 23 24 25
DEX 10 11 12 13 14 15


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Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP
1 40 21 302 41 844 61 1666 81 2250
2 46 22 322 42 878 62 1714 82 2300
3 53 23 343 43 913 63 1763 83 2350
4 61 24 365 44 949 64 1813 84 2400
5 70 25 388 45 986 65 1864 85 2450
6 79 26 411 46 1023 66 1915 86 2500
7 89 27 435 47 1061 67 1967 87 2550
8 100 28 460 48 1100 68 2020 88 2600
9 111 29 485 49 1139 69 2073 89 2650
10 123 30 511 50 1179 70 2127 90 2700
11 136 31 538 51 1220 71 2137 91 2750
12 149 32 565 52 1261 72 2147 92 2800
13 163 33 593 53 1303 73 2157 93 2850
14 178 34 622 54 1346 74 2167 94 2900
15 194 35 652 55 1390 75 2177 95 2950
16 210 36 682 56 1434 76 2187 96 3000
17 227 37 713 57 1479 77 2197 97 3050
18 245 38 745 58 1525 78 2217 98 3100
19 263 39 777 59 1571 79 2227 99 3200
20 282 40 810 60 1618 80 2200(2240?)

Level Up Angel

Taekwon Kids, Taekwon Masters and Soul Linkers share a unique level up angel that provides the following bonuses when a new base level is reached:

Happiness status

Happiness is a special status achievable by Taekwon-class characters by sitting next to each other and using the /doridori emote. It has no intrinsic bonuses, but entering it has a chance of wiping a Taekwon Master's Solar, Lunar and Stellar designations. Also, the skill Happy Break gives a high chance of Earth Spike Scrolls not being consumed when used.

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