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Job Base(s): TaeKwon Kid
Job Type: Extended
Changes At: Morroc×
Number of Skills: 27
Total Skill Points: 143
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+0 +0 +6 +12 +12 +0

+← クリックで目次を開く


Soul Linkers give up the ways of TaeKwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. Calling upon the power of their ancestors, they can use various Spirit Link skills to enhance the abilities of other players as well as use fancy looking offensive and defensive magic.

Soul Linkers, despite their base being a melee class, are magic casters. Compared to Wizards and Sages, their spells are severely limited on what they can be used on, however, thanks to Mild Wind× they can use powerful Holy×, Ghost×, and Shadow× magic attacks, something that Wizards & Sages don't have. Depending on their skill build they must sacrifice something in one aspect or the other of the game, limiting them to only two choices out of PvM× or PvP× & WoE× options. Although casters, Linkers, like Sages, can go melee.

They have relatively low HP×, but better SP× than average. Despite the high SP pool, their spells cost a lot of SP, so INT is often a high priority. On the other hand, many skills do not have extensive cast times (usually at higher levels), resulting in a lower need for DEX compared to other magic-using classes. With some VIT and their defensive magic, coupled with TaeKwon Kid's Tumbling×, they can be quite good tankers.

A unique thing about Soul Linkers is that they are naturally immune to Dispell×.

Job Change Guide

Base Level : 無し
Job Level : 40
Class : TaeKwon Kid
アイテム : 3carat Diamond 1個, Immortal Heart 1個, Witherless Rose 1個

クエスト報酬 : Soul Linker への転職

1. Morroc× の10時方向にある酒場 (morocc 55,259) を見つける

2. 酒場*1にいる Kid と話すと、幾つかのアイテムを持って来るように言われる
  • 3carat Diamond 1個 - Coal Mine ( mjolnir_02 85, 364) ダンジョン入り口の側にいる NPC から55,000zで買える
    Note: これには Merchant スキルの Discount は効果が無い。友人の Merchant に代理購入を頼んでも迷惑でしかないし
    買う為だけに自分の Merchant にキャラチェンジしても意味は無い
  • Immortal Heart 1個 - Verit がドロップする
  • Witherless Rose 1個 - ( moc_ruins 131, 138) にいる Trader が売っている (Discount 効果無し)

3. アイテムを渡して一通り話を聞き、その後再び話すと彼女はプレイヤーキャラを "内なる心" の中へと導く
そこにいる NPC× 達(Monk Spirit×, Alchemist Spirit×, Sage Spirit×) と話す
  • "内なる心" の中では3分の時間制限がある。フラグ立てにはどれか1人と話せば OK
    時間切れになると Morroc のセーブポイント (?) に転送されるが Kid の所へ戻って話せば続きをやり直せる

4. 戻ってから*2再び Kid と話す

5. Spirit 達の要求を受け入れる (?) と Soul Linker に転職出来る


PvM Battle

This build is unique in that it uses a Linker's ability to equip and fight with daggers. Usually they equip a carded Gladius[3], or a Dagger of Counter, while using Mild Wind to maximize their damage. The stat distribution shown above can be adjusted as you wish. You can go less STR but more AGI (hence having higher Aspd but lower damage) or more STR but less AGI (hence lower Aspd but having higher damage). The INT and DEX stats are slightly dependent on your budget. Usually those who can't afford a Dagger of Counter (which may be expensive in some servers) need more DEX as they tend to use a carded Gladius[3] instead, and thus require more DEX to gain more HIT so they can hit monsters. This comes at the cost of having less INT (which means you depend on Kaina× for SP even more). If you can afford to buy a Dagger of Counter, you can go less DEX as Crits ignore your Hit and the opponent's Flee, and you can go with higher INT (which means more SP to use buffs and for Kaahi×). You also can get more VIT by sacrificing DEX, but only if you use Dagger of Counter. Otherwise, if you need VIT, you better sacrifice another stat. The odd amount of INT & DEX are because Linkers get +12 DEX and INT Job Bonus, thus having Base INT & DEX that ends with 8 will round it up, and the above stats takes only Job Bonus into account. Same applies to the odd VIT ending in 4, this is because Soul Linker gets +6 VIT Job Bonus. As for Skills, you can mix Spirit skills with Ka- skills, and maybe a few points on some non-damaging Es- skills like Eske× or Eswoo×. Or you can go full Spirit skills or full Ka- skills. Maxed Kaina is good for boosting your SP, since a Battle Linker tends to have lower SP pool, and therefore would have problems with constant usage of Kaahi and Mild Wind. Also, there might be times when you have to go support your friend instead of dealing damage - the SP boost from Kaina helps in this case.

MvP / PvM Esma Dex Bolter

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 9
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 120+
  • DEX: 99+
  • LUK: 1
This build is obviously used to maximize Esma× damage combined with Mild Wind within the shortest time. As shown, this setting allows the linker to be the primary damage dealer within the party. Agi and Vit aren't needed as this is damage-only. Just stand behind the tanker quickly casting Esma over and over to help get things going. The 9 Str is just for a higher weight limit to carry whatever items are needed. This build decreases Esma cast time and delivers maximum damage, but also drains sp faster. To overcome this shortage it is best to have the skill Kaina to increase maximum sp and cut Es-type skill cost as well as having a priest cast Magnificat× on the party, or using sp related equipments (Ex. Morpheus's Shawl ), cards (Ex. Sohee Card ) and potions (Ex. Blue Potion ) to last longer.

PvM Esma Vit Bolter

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1-9
  • VIT: 50-99
  • INT: 90-99
  • DEX: 1-50
  • LUK: 1-9
Mainly the same as the Dex Bolter type, but allows for tanking big monsters with heavy skills and completely heal with normal hits after. They don't need high Dex, because Esma Base-cast time is pretty low anyways.

PvM Esma Hybrid Bolter

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1-9
  • VIT: 40-70
  • INT: 90-99
  • DEX: 60-80
  • LUK: 1-9
This is a mix of Dex Bolter and Vit Bolter combining fast casting and middle-level tanking skills.

PvM Esma Agi Bolter

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 70-99
  • VIT: 1-20
  • INT: 90-99
  • DEX: 1-40
  • LUK: 1-9
This build is an extraordinary one. They level - like the other bolters - with Esma only, but instead of getting hit and automatically get healed by Kaahi, they dodge 95% of normal attacks and don't "waste" SP. They have a disadvantage compared to Vit- and Dex Bolter (slow cast, low HP), but - depending on where you level - have less problemstrouble with SP regeneration. Agi Bolters usually get Kaupe× the other 5% hit (non-dodge) too.

WoE Support

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 20-50
  • INT: 90-99
  • DEX: 70-90
  • LUK: 9
This build focuses on WoE with Ka and Spirit Link Skills. They get only a few to none Es skills, as those are usable in PvM only. Their most important spells are Kaite, Kaupe for support, and Bard, Dancer, and Soul Linker Spirits for buffs. The rest are chosen from the remaining Ka spells. Assassin, Rogue, and Wizard Spirits are often preferable. Their leveling methods are either leeching or supporting parties with Kaupe, Eska/Eske and the Spirit Skills.

WoE Support (Vit Type)

(Stats including Bonus)
  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 80-90
  • INT: 90-100
  • DEX: 60-70
  • LUK: 9
This build is just like the normal WoE Support Soul Linker, but this one doesn't have to fear the battlefield. During field battle, this SL fights with Swordbreaker/Mailbreaker and Blast/Envenom Clip.

WoE SE Support / melee

  • STR: 1
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 90 base
  • INT: 50 base
  • DEX: 99 base (~130 with bonus)
  • LUK: 9(down to 1 on fRO with reset stat)
Kvm or BattleGround stuff needed ! (with BG in melee you can be unfrozen and with ghost element o/ , and in kvm increase your human def/max HP) SL fights with Swordbreaker[3]/Mailbreaker[3] (with statut card like magnolia/requiem/metaller)/CursedDagger and Blast/Sight Clip(or Glove[1]).

on fRO, you can also use pecopecohairband, roboeye, evolved pipe etc... note for fRO players: when you try to use a KA skill without being spirit, with 91vit you become stun indefinitely


  • STR: 90+
  • AGI: 30+
  • VIT: 40+
  • INT: 60+
  • DEX: 30+
  • LUK: 1-3
This build uses its Ka skills to maximize melee prowess. Since only 38 skill points must be used to max out all the Ka skills, the rest can go towards Es skills or spirits. The stat layout given is deliberately basic, leaving a lot of space for personal preference and experimentation.


  • STR: 90+
  • AGI: 30+
  • VIT: 40+
  • INT: 60+
  • DEX: 30+
  • LUK: 1-3
This build is different from it's Ka counterpart in that it uses spirit skills to buff it's friends while fighting alongside them. A few skillpoints must be invested in Ka skills (Particularly, a few levels in Kaahi) to compensate for the soul linker's weak defense. Exact spirit skills taken depend on your own party preference. Again, you'll have plenty of statpoints left over after you hit these minimum stats to distribute any way you like and experiment.



Soul Linkers are limited to Mage headgear and any that are usable by all classes except novice. However, some headgear have extra bonuses for Taekwon classes (which includes Soul Linkers):

   +1 Agi, +3% HP regen.
   +2 Dex, 10% chance to inflict stun with a melee attack, +2 ATK× per upgrade.
   +5 crit, +2 Luk.
   +2 Perfect dodge×, +1 Luk.
   +1 Int, +3% SP regen.

But if you cannot afford the above headgears, there's always Apple of Archer, and the much cheaper Wizard Hat.

   +3 Dex. Usually not as cheap and easy to get as "Wizard Hat", but the price is normally still reachable.
   +100 MaxSP. Cheaper, easy-to-get headgear that is suitable for those who cannot afford expensive fancy headgears.


Soul Linkers can wear Sandals (and Sandals[1]), Shoes (and Shoes[1]), High Fashion Sandals[1], and all footgear usable by "all classes except novice".


Soul Linkers are limited to Mage-class armor and armor usable by "all classes except novice".


Soul Linkers can wear Hood (and Hood[1]), Muffler (and Muffler[1]), as well as Mage-class garments and those usable by "all classes except novice".


   DEF+3, MDEF×+2, INT+1.
   DEF+3, MDEF+5, -20% damage from Fire, Water, Shadow×, Undead× elements.
   DEF+3, -5% damage from Large× size.


Soul Linkers can equip various accessories, such as Clip , Nile Rose , as well as the stat-boosting generic accessories such as Glove , Ring , Earring , Necklace , and of course, their "Level 90+" slotted version. The easiest option, though, is a Clip. Aside from that, there are other accessories that Soul Linkers can equip, but those mentioned above are what people usually use. If you have the money, and you are level 80 or higher, you can use Librarian Glove or Eye Stone Ring instead, which, to Linkers, are essentially a Clip with a better SP bonus.


Soul Linkers can fight unarmed, keeping the bonuses from the Sprint× skill, or use Dagger×s and Rod×s. Usually, rods are to be used for Esma or supportive play styles. Most daggers are only better than fists when they're carded, especially against large enemies.
   ATK×+50. Adds a 50% chance of inflicting [Curse] on the target when doing a physical attack.
   ATK+70. Adds a 5% chance of damaging the target's weapon when doing a physical attack.
   ATK+70. Adds a 5% chance of damaging the target's armor when doing a physical attack.

Class Data


See TaeKwon Kid Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Eska× Force a monster into a status similar to Monk's Mental Strength×, in which Movement and Attack Speed is reduced, but Defense and Magic Defense will be temporarily enhanced. 3 Offensive
Eske× Increase targeted monster's ATK 4x, but reduce its DEF by half. Following the casting of this skill Esma× can be used for the next 3 secs. 3 Offensive
Esma× This is a very strong bolt type spell that can change element of its attack depending on Mild Wind×. This skill can only be used within 3 seconds of casting any of the Spirit Link Spells, or after having cast Estin×, Estun× or Eske×. 10 Offensive
Estin× Push back a targeted monster 2 cells away. Only Small× sized monsters are damaged by this skill, which takes the elemental property of the Mild Wind skill if it is cast. At skill level 7, after casting Estin there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. 7 Offensive
Estun× Stun a monster by chance for 2 seconds. Only Medium× sized monsters are damaged by this skill, which takes the elemental property of the Mild Wind skill if it is cast. At skill level 7, after casting Estun there will be a 3 second interval that will allow the casting of the skill Esma. 7 Offensive
Eswoo× Temporarily shrink a monster to reduce its Movement Speed×. Boss× monsters will only be shrunk for 1/5th of the normal skill duration. If this skill is cast on a monster that is already shrunken, the caster will be inflicted by the Stun× status and the targeted monster will recover from Shrunken status more quickly. 7 Offensive
Kaahi× Consume a certain amount of SP to restore HP each time an enemy uses a normal attack. Kaahi heals regardless of whether or not the attack hits. 7 Active
Kaina× Increase Max SP and enhance the efficiency of the Happy Break× skill. At Base Level 70, this skill reduces the SP consumption of the Estin, Estun and Esma skills by 3% in proportion to the skill level of Kaina. At Base Level 80, this SP consumption is reduced by 5% and at Level 90, it is reduced by 7% (for a total of 49% reduction). 7 Passive
Kaite× Reflect most magic spells back at the original caster. Reflected Healing spells will not heal the original caster. The magic spells of monsters above level 80 or boss monsters cannot be reflected, although this skill has a 100% chance of reflecting spells from other players regardless of level. Does not stack with High Priest's Assumptio× or Crusader's Sacrifice×, but works with Kyrie Eleison× and Kaupe×. 7 Active
Kaizel× Instantly revive a fallen character that will be in Kyrie Eleison status for 3 Seconds upon revival. This revival status lasts for 30 minutes and is canceled after the target gets resurrected. This skill is disabled during WoE (Guild War). Cast Time is not affected by DEX. 7 Active
Kaupe× Kaupe status enables the chance of dodging any physical attack or magical attack from an enemy and lasts until the 10 minute duration elapses or until character successfully dodges an attack. 3 Active
1st Transcendent Spirit× Imbues High First Classes with the Spirit of the 1st Transcendent, giving them special powerfull buffs that last until the Spirit buff runs out. 5 Active
Alchemist Spirit× Imbues Alchemists with Spirit State: Increase effectiveness of Aid Potion× by blvl%. Enables use of Aid Berserk Potion×. Enables use of Spiritual Potion Creation. 5 Active
Assassin Spirit× Imbues Assassins with Spirit State: Doubles Sonic Blow× damage outside WoE. Multiples Sonic Blow damage by 1.25x in WoE. 5 Active
Bard and Dancer Spirits× Imbues any Bard or Dancer with Spirit State: Performance skills affect the user. Allows use of opposite class's linked performance skill if level 10 of own's skill is learned. Reduces movement speed penalty when using performance skills (no penalty at level 10). 5 Active
Blacksmith Spirit× Imbues Blacksmiths with Spirit State: Enables use of Advanced Adrenaline Rush×. 5 Active
Crusader Spirit× Imbues Crusaders with Spirit State: Doubles Shield Boomerang× damage, never misses, and halves aftercast delay. 5 Active
Hunter Spirit× Imbues Hunters with Spirit State: STR increases effectiveness of Beast Bane×. Enables use of Beast Charge×. 5 Active
Knight Spirit× Imbues Knights with Spirit State: Enables use of One-Hand Quicken×. 5 Active
Monk Spirit× Imbues any Monk with Spirit State: Raging Thrust× becomes 5x5 cell splash attack. Decrease SP cost of combo skills. Enable SP Regeneration during Fury× or within 5 minutes after usage of Guillotine Fist. 5 Active
Priest Spirit× Imbues Priests with Spirit State: Holy Light× damage and SP cost multiplied by 5. 5 Active
Rogue Spirit× Imbues Rogues[1] and Stalkers with Spirit State: Immune to Dispell×. Greatly increases healing of ranked White Potions. Flying Kick× from enemies will not remove Soul Linker buffs if Preserve× is learned. Greatly increase movement speed while using Stealth×. 5 Active
Sage Spirit× Imbues Sages and Scholars with Spirit State: Hindsight× drops the highest level bolt the player has learned in the respective bolt skill. 5 Active
Soul Linker Spirit× Imbues Soul Linkers with Spirit State: Allows K-skills to be used on other players. Cannot self-target. 5 Active
Super Novice Spirit× 1% chance to erase death record of target Super Novice to enable +10 to all stats if job level is 70 or higher. Imbues Super Novices with Spirit State: Allows equipping of all headgears if base level is 90 or higher. Allows equipping of all level 4 Daggers, 1-handed Swords, Axes, Maces, and Staves if base level is 96 is higher. 5 Active
Fist Master Spirit× Imbues TaeKwon Masters with Spirit State: Enables one use of Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union×. 5 Active
Wizard Spirit× Imbues the Wizards with Spirit State: Eliminate or reduce gemstone consumption of skills. Prevent reflected damage from Kaite by consuming a Crystal Fragment each time. 5 Active


TK Skills
Once a TaeKwon Kid changes into a Soul Linker, only the following TK skills may be used: Tumbling×, Sprint×, Peaceful Break×, Happy Break×, Kihop×, Leap×, Mild Wind×.

Es Skills
Es spells are offensive magic. This type can be cast only on monsters. Casting them on players causes the skill to fail and the caster to be stunned (even in PvP/WoE conditions).

Ka Skills
Ka spells are defensive magic. By default the caster can use this only on themself, their spouse or their child, or other Soul Linkers. Unless the user is linked with the Soul Linker Spirit, using these skills on anyone else causes them to fail and the caster to be stunned.

Spirit Link Skills
These skills imbue other characters with special abilities for a time depending on skill level. Each class has their own Spirit Link that can only be cast upon them.
  • Transcendent second classes can utilize the Spirit Link of their original second class.
  • Soul Linkers cannot use the Soul Linker Spirit on themselves; they must have another Soul Linker cast it on them.

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
VIT 20 21 22 23 24 25
INT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
DEX 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50


Soul Linkers can use Concentration, Awakening and Berserk Potion s (Even though the in-game description doesn't mention it).

Weapon Base ASPD
Unarmed 150
Dagger 142.5
Rod 137.5


Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP
1 40 21 315 41 890 61 1765 81 2890
2 47 22 337 42 927 62 1817 82 2907
3 54 23 359 43 964 63 1869 83 2924
4 62 24 382 44 1002 64 1922 84 2942
5 71 25 406 45 1041 65 1976 85 2971
6 81 26 431 46 1081 66 2031 86 2991
7 91 27 456 47 1121 67 2086 87 3011
8 102 28 482 48 1162 68 2142 88 3032
9 114 29 509 49 1204 69 2199 89 3054
10 127 30 537 50 1247 70 2257 90 3567
11 140 31 565 51 1290 71 2275 91 3590
12 154 32 594 52 1334 72 2294 92 3614
13 169 33 624 53 1379 73 2314 93 3649
14 185 34 655 54 1425 74 2335 94 3675
15 201 35 686 55 1471 75 2356 95 3701
16 218 36 718 56 1518 76 2378 96 3728
17 236 37 751 57 1566 77 2401 97 3756
18 255 38 785 58 1615 78 2425 98 3800
19 274 39 819 59 1664 79 2449 99 4250
20 294 40 854 60 1714 80 2874

Level Up Angel

Taekwon Kids, Taekwon Masters and Soul Linkers share a unique level up angel that provides the following bonuses when a new base level is reached:

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