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Job Base(s): TaeKwon Kid
Job Type: Extended
Changes At: Comodo×
Number of Skills: 18
Total Skill Points: 75
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+12 +12 +0 +0 +6 +0

+← クリックで目次を開く


TaeKwon Master is a class for characters who have chosen TaeKwon Kid as their first profession and wish to continue in the ways of the TaeKwon. One of the most notable benefits that a TaeKwon Master has over a TaeKwon Kid is the ability to wield books to help deal more damage physically. TaeKwon Master is an unusual class in that the majority of their skills are bound to the celestial bodies of the Sun (Solar), Moon (Lunar) and Stars (Stellar), and are very restricted in their use. These skills have three different restrictions in which they can be used, and are as follows:
  • Certain skills can only be used on a day of their respective celestial body
  • Some skills can only be used on maps that are designated as a place of a celestial body
  • Other skills can only be used against enemies that are aligned as an enemy of a celestial body
The first restriction is unlike the latter two in that a TaeKwon master cannot change what day is representative of a celestial body; these days are already set. The setting for these celestial days is told in the mantra as follows:

The Sun shines brightest on even days. The Moon shines brightest on odd days. And the Stars shine without fail on every 5th day. The second and third restriction can be set personally for each individual TaeKwon Master via their respective skills: Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception and Solar, Lunar and Stellar Opposition.

However, there are also skills that are also bound by more than one restriction.

TaeKwon Masters are also known as Star Gladiators in other localizations of Ragnarok Online, which reflects the way how the skills of this class works.

If a TaeKwon Master ever finds the TaeKwon Master skill tree too confusing, a TaeKwon Master can always invest more skill points into the TaeKwon Kid skills, or observe the skills that are not restricted by the celestial bodies.

Job Change Guide

Base Level : 無し
Job Level : 40
Class : TaeKwon Kid
アイテム : Flame Heart 1個, Mystic Frozen 1個, Rough Wind 1個, Great Nature 1個,
                   Star Crumb 1個, Star Dust 1個

クエスト報酬 : TaeKwon Master への転職

1. Payon× (215 102)*1にいる MooHyun を見つけて話すと下記のアイテムを集めて来るように言われる*2

2. アイテムを入手したら Comodo× へ行く。山の頂上へ続く道がマップ中央付近 (山道の始まりは (comodo 159, 180) ) にあるので登って行く

3. 頂上には NPC× "Man"*3(comodo 172 231) がいる。*4アイテムを渡すと "The Sun, the Moon, and The Stars" (job_star 29 32) に転送される

4. Gladiator of the Sun*5と話す。話を一通り聞いた*6後 Gladiator of the Moon (job_star 95 33 : Beeryu という NPC) の所へ転送される

5. Gladiator of the Moon と話し終える*7と Payon に飛ばされる*8。MooHyun と話す*9とその後 Comodo に転送される*10
更にもう1回転送されて Gladiator of the Stars (job_star 161 33 : Cheehee という NPC) の所に着く。彼女は下記のアイテムを持って来るように言う*11

6. アイテムを集めてから Comodo に戻り、Man と話すと The Sun, the Moon, and The Stars へ転送してもらえる*12
Gladiator of the Stars にアイテムを渡すと Payon に飛ばされる。Comodo に戻って再び Man と話すと TaeKwon Master に転職出来る*13


STR/VIT All-Purpose

The STR/VIT build is an all-purpose TKM build that benefits from increased survivability and healing item efficiency while still maintaining high damage output through Union× and Heat. High-end activities include Thors, Somatology Labs, MVPing, and anywhere else that may involve the TKM tanking or receiving damage. High maximum HP allows the TKM to tank and kill large mobs of monsters with Heat effortlessly, accompanied by more efficient potion consumption.

STR/DEX Specialized

  • STR: 110-130
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 20-40
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 100-120
  • LUK: 1-9
The STR/DEX build is a specialized TKM build that maximizes SLS Heat damage. Because of the nature of the build, their attacks tend to yield the highest damage of all TKM builds. Due to the high amount of DEX, the TKM can naturally hit most monsters and is independent from using Union. Though their damage output is exceptionally high, STR/DEX TKMs are more fragile and usually require a separate tank character to be able to perform effectively.

AGI Kicker

  • STR: 110-130
  • AGI: 70-90 base
  • VIT: 1-50 base
  • INT: 1-12 base
  • DEX: 50-70 total w/ buffs
  • LUK: 1-20 base
The AGI build is a DPS build that uses speed, TK Kid kicks, Shadow×, Stellar Protection×, and SLS Wrath to dispatch monsters quickly. SLS Heat will help to push mobs back so flee isn't reduced.


For information on the headgears, footgears, armors, garments, shields and accessories, see TaeKwon Kid's equipment.


   DEF×+1, ATK×+5%, MATK×+5%, HP×+500, SP×+50, HIT×+10, Stun× when attacking.


TaeKwon Masters can fight unarmed, keeping the bonuses from the Sprint× skill, or use Book×s.

   This is the standard weapon used by most TKMs. The new 3-slot elemental books are slightly better.

   ATK+137, STR+3, LUK-20, ASPD×+1% for each upgrade, 1% chance of inflicting Coma× on Demi-humans×.


   ATK+110, DEX+2, Crit+20, Crit+0.1 for each point of base LUK.

   ATK+100, ASPD+5% if STR is 50 or higher.

   ATK+140, STR+3, DEX+2.


   ATK+130, ignores the defense of Dragons, regain 10 SP when killing a Dragon.

   ATK+120, +7% damage to Fire, Earth, Wind, Water elements, +5% damage to Holy× element.

   ATK+90. Slotted versions are better than Book [3], if TaeKwon Master overrides weapon's element with Mild Wind× - not only do they have 5 more atk, but they also are level 3, so more damage is added by upgrading them. Unslotted versions are useless.

Class Data


See TaeKwon Kid Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Perception× Permanently memorize a map as being a Place of either the Sun, the Moon, or the Stars. 3 Active
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Opposition× Permanently memorize a monster or player class as being a Target of either the Sun, the Moon, or the Stars. 3 Active
Solar Heat× Barrier, which deals damage and pushes back enemies nearby.
Can only be used in corresponding SLS Place.
3 Active
Lunar Heat×
Stellar Heat×
Solar Wrath× Bonus attack power against corresponding SLS (Solar/Lunar/Stellar) Target proportionally to level, DEX and LUK. 3 Passive
Lunar Wrath×
Stellar Wrath×
Solar Protection× Increases VIT DEF proportionally to level, DEX and LUK.
Can only be used in a Place of the Sun on a Solar Day.
4 Active
Lunar Protection× Increases Flee proportionally to level, DEX and LUK.
Can only be used in a Place of the Moon on a Lunar Day.
4 Active
Stellar Protection× Increases ASPD proportionally to level, DEX and LUK.
Can only be used in a Place of the Stars on a Stellar Day.
4 Active
Solar Blessings× Bonus EXP for corresponding SLS Target on corresponding SLS Day. 5 Passive
Lunar Blessings×
Stellar Blessings×
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow× Permanently sacrifice sight in return for increasing ASPD. 10 Passive
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Team-up× When using Counter Kick, any Monks in the party will have their chance of using Raging Trifecta Blow× increased. If any Monks in the party use Raging Thrust×, player's chance of using Counter Kick increases. 3 Passive
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier× Increases carry capacity when logging in a SLS Place. 10 Passive
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union× Fly off the ground, increase movement speed, attacks never miss and ignore DEF. HP is lost with every attack. Needs Fist Master Spirit× to use, and deactivates spirit mode when used. 1 Active

The TKM Skill Tree. Click to enlarge.

Job Bonuses


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Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP Level HP
1 40 21 379 41 1077 61 2135 81 3020
2 47 22 406 42 1122 62 2198 82 3040
3 55 23 433 43 1167 63 2261 83 3060
4 64 24 462 44 1214 64 2326 84 3080
5 74 25 491 45 1261 65 2391 85 3100
6 84 26 521 46 1309 66 2457 86 3120
7 95 27 551 47 1357 67 2523 87 3140
8 107 28 583 48 1407 68 2591 88 3160
9 120 29 615 49 1457 69 2659 89 3180
10 134 30 649 50 1509 70 2670 90 3455
11 149 31 683 51 1561 71 2680 91 3524
12 165 32 719 52 1615 72 2690 92 3593
13 182 33 755 53 1669 73 2700 93 3663
14 200 34 793 54 1725 74 2710 94 3834(3734?)
15 219 35 831 55 1781 75 2720 95 3806
16 238 36 870 56 1838 76 2730 96 3878
17 258 37 909 57 1895 77 2740 97 3951
18 306 38 950 58 1954 78 2750 98 4025
19 329 39 991 59 2013 79 2760 99 4500
20 354 40 1034 60 2074 80 3000


All TKM's have the ability to zoom out farther than other classes while sitting down. Simply sit down and zoom out to see. (5x more zooming out)

Level Up Angel

Taekwon Kids, Taekwon Masters and Soul Linkers share a unique level up angel that provides the following bonuses when a new base level is reached:

Resetting your places of the Sun/Moon/Stars

TaeKwon Masters can reset maps designated as Places of the Sun/Moon/Stars. The TaeKwon Master must be sitting beside another TaeKwon class (Soul Linker, TaeKwon Kid or another TaeKwon Master) and be regenerating HP (that is, your HP must not be full). It is speculated that being in Happy Mode is also required. Spamming the /doridori emote repeatedly is not necessary, but it is needed to enter Happy Mode. You can tell that you are in Happy Mode because you regenerate an additional +3 SP over the regular Happy Break effects. The chance to reset the maps occurs every 10 seconds (on each Peaceful Break× HP tick). In order to ensure that you are continually regenerating HP, you can switch an HP-increasing item on and off, or use something which drains HP, like a rideword hat, combined with low HP regeneration. The chance of the reset occurring is very low, sometimes taking many hours or days to be successful.

Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Miracle

As the Taekwon Master wanders the land and gazes at the sky, a blessing unlike any other may be endowed upon him. Solar, Lunar, and Stellar Miracle will grant the Taekwon Master the ability to use all Solar, Lunar, and Stellar-aligned skills on any map on any day of the week. The moon will eclipse the sun and the stars will shine brightly, making the world around the Taekwon Master go dark (the effect is similar to the darkness caused by a Soul Link). This means offensive and supporting skills are stacked as well. The effect lasts for one hour and disappears if the player logs off or switches maps.

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