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Job Base(s): Blacksmith
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Juno×
Number of Skills: 29
Total Skill Points: 102
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +3 +7 +5 +3 +5


Job Change Guide

See Mechanic Job Change Guide for detailed information.


Class Data


See Blacksmith Skills or Mastersmith Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Acceleration× Increases the Madogear's movement speed for a short duration. 3 Supportive
Analyze× Analyze the target's status and decrease its DEF× and MDEF× 3 Active
Arm Cannon× Fires upon an enemy using a large cannon mounted on the mado gear. 3 Offensive
Axe Boomerang× Throws an axe× at long range dealing damage and knockback. The weight× of your axe increases your damage. 5 Offensive
Axe Mastery (Mechanic)× Increase ATK× up to +50 and HIT× up to +30 when having an Axe weapon equipped. 10 Passive
Axe Tornado× Spins rapidly like a whirlwind with an axe striking all targets around you. The VIT× stat increases your damage. 5 Offensive
Back Slide (Mechanic)× Move the Madogear quickly backwards. 1 Active
Cooldown× Removes Overheat× status from the Madogear. 1 Supportive
Divest FAW× Allows the user to remove a FAW from the ground. 1 Active
Elemental Shift× Change the Madogear's elemental property. 4 Active
FAW Magic Decoy× Construct a FAW which will use long distance magic attacks against enemies. 5 Active
FAW Silver Sniper× Construct a FAW which will use long distance attacks against enemies. 5 Active
Fire Earth Research× Increase ATK up to +50 and DEF up to +30 against Fire and Earth property monsters. 5 Passive
Flame Launcher× Set enemies on fire with a flamethrower, has a chance to cause Burning× status. 3 Offensive
Front Slide× Move the Madogear quickly forward. 1 Active
Hover× Make the Madogear hover over the ground to avoid traps and magic attacks. 1 Active
Ice Launcher× Shoots very cold gas onto enemies to deal damage, has a chance to cause Freezing×\Frozen× statuses. 3 Offensive
Infrared Scan× Reveals all enemies in a large area, and may decrease their FLEE×. 1 Active
Knuckle Boost× Shoot a rocket fist at a far away enemy 5 Offensive
Madogear License× Decreases the movement speed penalty when operating a Madogear. Increases ATK by a small amount. 5 Passive
Magnetic Field× Immobilizes all enemies in an area and continuously drains their SP× 3 Active
Neutral Barrier× Protects against ranged physical and magical attacks in an area around the caster. 3 Active
Pile Bunker× Attacks the target with many drills to cancel defensive magic. 3 Offensive
Power Swing× Strikes a target with an axe dealing damage and stun. There's a low chance to invoke Axe Boomerang×. 5 Offensive
Remodel Mainframe× Increases DEF and overheat limit while mounted on a Madogear. 5 Passive
Repair× Allows the user to recover HP× of any allied Madogear user. 5 Supportive
Stealth Field× Gives all targets around the caster Cloaking× status. Does not affect the caster. 3 Supportive
Suicidal Destruction× Detonates the mado gear causing horrific damage to the surrounding area. 3 Offensive
Vulcan Arm× Shoots enemies with a large calibur gun. 3 Offensive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 2 5 31 32 44 45
AGI 8 17 49
VIT 19 20 25 29 33 42 43
INT 10 13 21 37 38
DEX 9 22 48
LUK 1 7 14 26 34

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