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Job Base(s): Priest
                        High Priest
Job Type: 3-1
Changes At: Prontera× Sanctuary
Number of Skills: 19
Total Skill Points: 104
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+5 +4 +5 +8 +6 +0

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Job Change Guide

See Arch Bishop Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Arch Bishop from a Priest or High Priest requires the player to complete a number of tasks:
  • A Holy Pilgrimage
  • A Prayer for the blessing of the Gods
  • Granting relief to a tormented Valkyrie
After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Arch Bishop. The journey begins in the Prontera Sanctuary!


The builds for Arch Bishop really vary due to many choice of stats and skills on renewal. For example, on Full Support type some players will select Adoramus or Sacrament or both on their skills for their own purpose. The Full Support type also can decide if they will raise AGI or not. All of these options have their pros and cons. Basically, Arch Bishop can be divided into 4 main types : Full Support, Battle/Melee type, ME/Holy caster, and Hybrid Support. Take a note all stats range are on base stats without any bonus from job level or equipments.

Full Support (FS) Type

An old type that focused on supporting allies. Thanks to renewal mechanics, with more stat points The FS AB doesn't have to decide to plan DEX-oriented/VIT-oriented/combined FS type. INT and VIT still vital and both are important stats for high HP, heal amount,and ailments resistance. Unlike in pre-renewal, FS AB doesn't need high DEX due to new cast time formula and the cast time is still fast, thanks to high INT and Sacrament. LUK is used to get Curse and Stone Curse resistance as well as raising Heal amount. If the FS AB doesn't want to get 110+ INT, FS AB may raise AGI for Sleep and Burning resistance or to get status defense, flee, and ASPD (see Hybrid Support type below for ASPD reason). STR only used for weight increasing.

The variation for this build is if FS AB want to take Adoramus or Sacrament or both. With Adoramus, FS AB can handle some monsters and solo hunting while Sacrament is really help for cast time. However, since both of these skills require too many skill points it's not recommended to get both of them or if FS AB get both of them, FS AB will lose Laudas skill, Canto Candidus, and can't maximize some useful skills.

ME/Holy Caster Type

  • STR: 1-10
  • AGI: 1-30
  • VIT: vary (basically 40+)
  • INT: 90-120
  • DEX: 80-100
  • LUK: 80-100
This build is continuation from ME Priest/HP type. With Judex and Adoramus, ME AB now can handle non-undead and non-demon monsters. Due to long cast time for ME, this type need high DEX. INT and LUK are for damage purpose and helps if ME AB get Turn Undead. Due to costly skill points for Adoramus, ME AB usually stay away from Sacrament but some ME AB discard Adoramus to get Sacrament since Adoramus is not too effective on WOE and PvP. STR and AGI is not too important for this type unless ME AB is going to WOE (with same purpose as FS type, for weight increasing and Sleep/Burning resistance). VIT also has same purpose as FS type.Judex and Silentium are useful for this type, especially if ME AB want to mobbing and disturb enemy's cast time on WOE.

Battle/Melee Type

  • STR: 70-100
  • AGI: 90-120
  • VIT: 20-50+
  • INT: vary
  • DEX: 40-60
  • LUK: 60-90+
This build is for the player that want to solo hunting and try something different with Arch Bishop. Duple Light is a must have skill for this build. Again, thanks to renewal mechanics. Mace and Book don't have ASPD penalty so High AGI really helps. Also, with Duple Light and Mace Mastery Battle AB will deal more damage and can be boosted more with Critical rate, elemental attacks (Aspersio, Endows, etc), and ASPD buffs. The only matter is weapon selection which decide what Battle AB's stat will be oriented. Battle type still need high INT if Battle AB want to use Book as primary weapon because MATK damage from Duple Light will be boosted with Book. If Battle AB stick with Mace, high STR, AGI, and Adrenaline rush will boost the damage dealed. Also, with High ASPD Battle AB can help the allies to break emperium and still can do some supports.

Hybrid Support (HS) Type

  • STR: 30-50
  • AGI: 80-95
  • VIT: 90-100
  • INT: 90-100
  • DEX: 40-80
  • LUK: 70-100
This is basically mixed type from FS and Battle type. The build basically is similar with FS build but only limit one total stat to 100 (except STR) so the other stat can be raised. With Mace/Book and AGI-oriented equipments (no shield putted on), HS AB can get 175+ ASPD and can kill monsters with Duple Light. If HS AB buffed with Adrenaline Rush, AGI dish, and other ASPD boosting items this type even can go to 185+ ASPD and great Critical rate due to high LUK. At the same time, while HS AB are on party the HS AB can put defense/rod equipments to support their allies with good amount of Heal due to high INT and LUK. In WOE, due to 80+ stat to most stats except STR and DEX HS AB have more ailments resistance and can help to break Emperium if HS AB is on ASPD mode. For this build, don't get Adoramus since Duple Light is more effective to handle monsters. Sacrament is needed instead for Support purpose.

Primary Skills Used

While on Acolyte/Priest/High Priest, some players skills build may be vary depending on their needs like high level Angelus, Kyrie Eleison, or Safety Wall etc. As Arch Bishop, regardless your type these are skills that a must have skills (same as Heal/Blessing Lv 10 or Pneuma as Acolyte) :
  • Clemetia Lv 3
  • Coluceo Heal Lv 3
  • Renovatio Lv 1
  • Highness Heal Lv 1
  • Praefation Lv 5
  • Canto Candidus Lv 3
the rests are vary depending on your builds and your needs.

Class Data


See Priest Skills or High Priest Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time Cool down Type
Adoramus× Deals Holy× magical damage to a single foe (MATK * 6~15 * (Base Level / 100)), inflicts Blind×ness and reduces target's AGI by 3~12 . Requires a Blue Gemstone unless adjacent to an Acolyte-class character. 10 20~56 2 2 Offensive
Ancilla× Creates 1 Ancilla used for several other Arch Bishop skills. Consumes a Blue Gemstone. Ancilla recovers 15% SP when used. Maximum of 3 Ancillas can be carried and are character bound. 1 30% 1 Active
Cantocandidus× Casts Increase AGI× (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3~15 -cell radius around you. 3 145~175 4 Supportive
Clearance× Removes all status ailments and status buffs from target monster or party member at 40~80 % chance 100% chance (bug). Cannot self-target. Cannot target hostile players. Does not remove Divest, Chemical Protects, Masquerades, and Soul Links. 5 54~78 0F + 5V 10 Active
Clementia× Casts Blessing× (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3~15 -cell radius around you. 3 200~240 4 Supportive
Coluseo Heal× Casts Heal× (at the highest level learned on said skill) on party members in a 3~15 -cell radius around you. 3 130~160 2 1~3 Supportive
Duple Light× For 90~360 seconds, 25% chance of inflicting ATK* 1.1~2 damage and MATK* 2.2~4 magic damage on each melee attack. 10 55~100 4 Active
Epiclesis× Resurrect friendly dead players in a 5x5 area on the ground. Enchants that area with a holy tree for 18~30 seconds: Increase maximum HP by 5~25 %; Restore 3~5 % HP and 2~4 % SP every 3 seconds; uncloaks hidden creatures every 5 seconds. Does not affect undead element players. Requires 1 Holy Water× and 1 Ancilla×. 5 300 3 60 Supportive
Eucharistica× Increase attack power and resistance against Demon×s and Shadow× monsters by 1~10 % each. 10 Passive
Expiatio× Grants 5~25 % defense bypassing to the Arch Bishop's weapon for 30~150 seconds. 5 35~55 2 Supportive
High Heal× Heals target with 2~3.2 x power. 5 70~190 1 3~15 Supportive
Judex× Deals Holy magical damage to target foe and its adjacent foes within 3x3 area (MATK * 3~4 * (Base Level / 100)). 5 20~32 3 Offensive
Lauda Agnus× Cures status effects Sleep×, Stun× and Silence× from all party members with 35~50 % success chance. Party members have + 5~8 VIT for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 1 3 Supportive
Lauda Ramus× Cures status effects Freeze×, Stone×, and Blind from all party members with 35~50 % success chance. Party members have + 5~8 LUK for 60 seconds. 4 50~80 1 3 Supportive
Oratio× Reduce Holy element resistance of enemies in a 15-cell radius around you by 2~20 %, with success rate of 45~90 %. 10 36~62 2F + 1V 2 Active
Praefation× Casts Kyrie Eleison× on party members in a 18-cell radius around you. Blocks up to 30% of maximum HP or 7~16 hits for up to 120 seconds. 10 60~150 3 13~40 Supportive
Renovatio× For 90 seconds, recover 3% HP every 5 seconds on non-undead target. Deals damage to undead target based on your base level. 1 30 3F + 0V 1 Supportive
Sacrament× For 60~180 seconds, reduce target character's fixed cast time by 10~50 %. 5 100~180 2 Supportive
Silentium× Casts Lex Divina× on foes in a 4~8 -cell radius around you. 1 24~40 2 15 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 18 19 24 28 46
AGI 26 27 38 39
VIT 3 10 11 34 45
INT 1 7 8 22 32 40 41 49
DEX 5 14 15 36 44 50

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