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Job Base(s): Sage
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Geffen Tower
Number of Skills: 26
Total Skill Points: 101
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+3 +3 +5 +10 +7 +3

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AoE Magic

Unlike their predecessors, sorcerers have the ability to do area of effect damage. Psychic Wave will be your most used area spell due to its major damage, large AoE, and and neutral element (you can "endow" your psychic wave via summons).
  • Diamond Dust (Ice element) has an average AoE, damage, and cast time.
  • Earth Grave (Earth element) has an average AoE, lower damage, and a quick cast time (has the ability to knock units out of hide/cloak).
  • Varetyr Spear (Wind element) has a smaller AoE, average damage, quick cast time, and has a short cast range (damage is effected by atk / matk and requires a target unit).
The 3 elemental spells are heavly based on the level of their corresponding endow.
  • Killing Cloud (Poison element) has an average AoE, damage, and cast time (requires 2x red gemstones and hits multiple times).


Sorcerers have the ability to summon elementals that have very powerful abilities to help the summoner. There are 3 levels for each element, each having a different summoning requirement (catalyst). A summons stats are directly based on that of the sorcerer (ie A high agi / flee sorcerer will create a summon with high flee). Summons each have the ability to change the element of Physic Wave, change the Sorcerers Elemental Resistance (100% resist of that element), and boost certain elemental spell's damage. On top of that, each element has a speciality.
  • Fire - Used mostly for its abilty to boost the Atk of the sorcerer and increase the recovery amount of Warmer (+10%).
  • Water - Used mostly for its ability to boost the Matk of the sorcerer.
  • Wind - Used mostly for its abilty to boost ASPD and create a very strong defensive barrier.
  • Earth - No decent speciality.


At first, insignias can be a little confusing and hard to use, but they can be extremely powerful. Insignias require a bit of setup and coordination and also have high skill requirements.
  • Insignias can be created of the 4 basic elements.
  • Only one of each insignia can be placed at a time (insignias do not share the same cooldown).
  • Insignias are 3x3 ground enchants.
  • Each cast cost 1/2/3 Scarlet Point, which can be bought in geffen tower (200z ea).
  • Each insignia has the ability to boost the counter element no matter which level you use.
For example, if you use Fire Insignia Level 1/2/3, any unit INSIDE the insignias 3x3 AoE will take +50% damage to water elemental attacks.
Each insignia has 3 levels.
  • Level 1 - Boosts the ability of that corresponding elemental summon.
  • Level 2 - Changes weapons element to the insignias element.
Any unit, friend, or monster that stands INSIDE the insignias 3x3 AoE attack will change. For example, if you are wearing fire armor, and a monster hits you while THEY are standing in the insignia, you will take reduced damage (Fire attack vs Fire Armor - 1/4 damage taken). If you have 100% immunity to that element, you will take 1 damage.
  • Level 3 - Increases that players elements magic damage when THEY are standing inside the insignia and additional bonuses to that element (faster cast time, more matk, etc).

Additional Examples
  • Your tank comes back with a few more monsters than he is able to handle.
If you know what armor they are using, placing a level 2 insignia on top of the monsters will reduce the damage they take by 1/4.
  • Precasting magic while standing in level 3 insignias.
  • A tank, with 100% fire resistance, tanking an MVP.
Fire insignia level 2 on the MVP will reduces its damage considerably and increase all incomming water attacks by +50%. Put a Water Insignia 3 on your casters to give them a boost to their water magic damage.

Job Change Guide

A Sage needs to be 99/50 in order to job change into a Sorcerer. A Scholar needs to be at least 99/60 in order to job change into a Sorcerer.

See Sorcerer Job Change Guide for detailed information.


INT/AGI Hindsight/Fist Spell

This is similar to the Hindsight Sage/Scholar build. However a Sorcerer has a new spell available to them, Fist Spell. Since this skill is the first hit and only hit, int and matk become more important for the initial burst damage than aspd, hindsight is then used to finish the opponent off.

Primary Skills Used
Fist Spell Hindsight Fire Bolt
Cold Bolt Lightning Bolt Double Bolt

INT/DEX Offensive AoE

  • STR: 1-50
  • AGI: 1-50
  • VIT: 1-100
  • INT: 110-120
  • DEX: 100-120
  • LUK: 1-30

The offensive AoE strips itself of it's former single target spell past and ascends to the utilization of magics that damage multiple foes. They use their intelligence to increase the amount of destruction they do. Since INT is directly in their spell formuli, each point in INT will increase damage more than an equivalent in an MATK increase alone. High amounts are key, thus the MATK one can gain through LUK or gear is inferior to equal amounts of INT. Sorcerer AoE spells have a very short after cast delay, but I high reuse delay. A common practice of comboing the AoE spells to reach high damage output is key. Unlike it's Warlock counterpart, Sorcerers gain very little for the support of Magic Strings, as reuse delays cannot be reduced. The strongest AoE is Psychic Wave, and is neutral element. The next tier are the spells Diamond Dust, Earth Grave, and Varetyr Spear. Getting at least one other second tier AoE is essential for effective combos, but learning all three severely limits the other spells you can aquire. It is suggest to gain at least one Elemental Summon ally, as they can change the element of your Psychic Wave. Preferably, the Fire Spirit Agni is the best choice. Due to the severe lack of fire spells. This will also increase the healing effects of Warmer. Which, when stacked with using Indulge to also recover SP; proves to be incredibly effective and will save you a ton of supplies. Not to mention, if you choose to use Fire Walk, that damage will also increase. Offensive Sorcerers are a good balance of defense and offense, and can achieve the 100 total VIT necessary to become immune to stun in PvP and WoE.

Primary Skills Used
Psychic Wave Diamond Dust Earth Grave
Varetyr Spear Killing Cloud

VIT/DEX Support/Summoner

  • STR: 1-100
  • AGI: 1-100
  • VIT: 90-120
  • INT: 40-80 (INT is now necessary due to it being in the cast time formula and Soul Exhale only giving half your current sp.)
  • DEX: 100-120
  • LUK: 30-100

The Support type is going to be very rare due to the nerfs Renewal gave to the Scholar class. Soul Exhale now has a 5 second fixed cast time and only gives half of your current sp. Gone are the days that Champions can be filled instantly and quickly for fast leveling. Magnetic Earth has also lost it's usefulness as most 3rd class skills bypass it. Dispell has also been given a large fixed cast time. Due to this and the lack of new support skills, the niche that Scholars used to have has been diminished. The role has not been lost! Due to the advent of status inflicting spells such as Diamond Dust and Arullo, the AoE healing abilities of warmer with no catalyst cost (especially with fire summon), and the supporting skill that can be achieved through Summon skills, the Sorcerer can be a very powerful support.

Primary Skills Used
Fiber Lock Blinding Mist Safety Wall Soul Exhale
Soul Siphon Dispell Indulge Arrullo
Warmer Striking Extreme Vacuum Diamond Dust


Since the Sorcerer class is more versatile than its predecessors, they can wear different sets of weapons and armors.


The most powerful two-handed staff a Sorcerer can wield, this weapon is a must-have for Caster Builds due to its INT and MATK bonuses. This weapon is most effective when refined up to +10, which would give a total of 8 INT.
The deadliest Book ever made, this can potentially give the highest bonus to ASPD, which is indispensable for Hindsight-based builds.
This staff is a viable weapon for those Support builds that rely on fast-cast skills.

Note: It is suggested that these weapons are upgraded to +10 in order to attain their greatest effects.




Compounded with the right card, this garment can provide great damage reduction, which is of utmost importance to any Magician class.


The HP and SP bonuses can ensure a more resolute presence in WoE and PVP situations. Do NOT upgrade the item to get the most HP and SP bonus.


Class Data


See Sage Skills or Scholar Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Striking× Increase the atk of target based on your learned endow levels. 5 Supportive
Warmer× Stops ice based status ailments and heals allies within the area of effect. 5 Supportive
Arrullo× Causes a unit to go into a deep sleep 5 Active
Extreme Vacuum× Creates a tornado of air, immobilizing all units in an area 5 Active
Fist Spell× Transfers bolt damage to the sorcerer's hands for the next X attacks. 5 Active
Psychic Wave× Deals neutral property damage in an area. 5 Offensive
Diamond Dust× Deals ice property damage in an area. Has a chance of causing the Freezing effect. 5 Offensive
Varetyr Spear× Calls a lightning spear down on target unit, damaging and stunning those nearby. 5 Offensive
Earth Grave× Deals earth property damage in an area. Has a chance of causing the Bleeding effect. 5 Offensive
Killing Cloud× Create a deadly poison cloud that poisons and damamges units. 5 Offensive
Poison Burst× Deal high damage to a unit that is poisoned. 5 Offensive
Electric Walk× Create a trail of lightning behind the sorcerer. 5 Offensive
Fire Walk× Create a trail of fire behind the sorcerer. 5 Offensive

Summon Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Elemental Action× Forces your summoned spirit to use an offensive skill 1 Active
Element Analyze× Reassemble and Disassemble elemental stones in their counterparts 2 Active
Spirit Control× Changes your summoned spirit to Passive / Defensive / Offensive mode 3 Active
Spirit Cure× Consumes 10% of your own HP/SP to heal 10% of the HP/SP of the summoned spirit. 1 Supportive
Spirit Sympathy× Increases the Attack of all elemental summons by 25*SkillLV 5 Passive
Call Agni× Summon one of three fire elementals 3 Active
Call Aqua× Summon one of three water elementals 3 Active
Call Tera× Summon one of three earth elementals 3 Active
Call Ventus× Summon one of three wind elementals 3 Active
Fire Insignia× Creates an insignia on the ground that boosts fire damage 3 Supportive
Earth Insignia× Creates an insignia on the ground that boosts earth damage 3 Supportive
Wind Insignia× Creates an insignia on the ground that boosts wind damage 3 Supportive
Water Insignia× Creates an insignia on the ground that boosts water damage 3 Supportive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 10 11 33
AGI 20 21 41
VIT 4 14 23 32 45
INT 1 2 5 12 13 22 30 39 46 50
DEX 3 15 19 24 31 40 44
LUK 47 48 49

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