F2P is an acronym meaning "Free to Play." Servers× which are F2P are supported by extra Shop Items, and generally have setting modifications that are less "friendly" than the subscription-based servers (if that region has any). These settings changes vary between different localizations of Ragnarok Online, but most common changes among various F2P servers include greatly increased death penalties (up to 5%), disabled teleportation skills/items, and removed safe levels on item upgrading.

iRO's "free" servers are called Open Servers in that they require no payment be made to play on. A comparison between iRO's Open and VIP servers servers can be found on here.

Some of these servers also offer optional subscriptions× that can be purchased to increase EXP/Drop rates and/or to decrease death penalties, among other benefits. All of iRO's servers use this model.

A few servers require a VIP subscription to create characters, but allows free access to existing characters. Such servers include iRO Ymir and ruRO Chaos.

F2P Quick Comparison Chart

South Korea Taiwan
Hong Kong
Philippines Indonesia Singapore and Malaysia Brazil Russia* Japan
Fun & Chat
Prontera Thor Chaos One of billing server
(Changed every 3 weeks)
EXP× Rate 0.5x 0.5x 1.5x 2x 0.5x 1.5x 1x 1x
Drop Rate 0.5x 0.5x
Half drop rate of slotted items
etc. items
from level 60+
1x 0.5x 0.5x 1x 1x 1x
EXP % Loss on Death 1% 5% 5% 5% 5% 5% 1% 1%
Lose Items on Death No Yes (30% chance) No Yes
(Except items available at item mall)
(Except items available at item mall)
No No No
Etc Items NPC Sell/Purchase Value 75% ? 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Fly Wing 250z (NPC) Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Item Mall Unchanged Unchanged
Butterfly Wing 1,000z (NPC) Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Item Mall Unchanged Unchanged
Teleport× Skill Unchanged 500 SP Removed , but still accessible through the Teleport clip in Valhalla because of the server merge with Thor. Also accessible through the godly item Asprika but costs 500 SP. Removed from Acolyte skill tree , but still available from equipment. Costs 500 SP 500 SP Removed from Acolyte and Super Novice skill tree , but still available from equipment. Unchanged Unchanged
Kafra Warps Yes (double cost) No
(A free dungeon teleporter Twin Tower available at Rune-Midgard cities, Comodo excluded. Warp available : Prontera Maze, Orc Dungeon, Ant Hell, Mjolnir Waste Pit, Sphinx, Glast Heim, Comodo cmd_fild01)
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Hugel Monster Races 4,000z ? Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable 2,000z Unchanged Unchanged
Upgrade Safe Levels (Regular Metals) Yes No No No No No Yes Yes
Level 3 Weapon Refining Cost 20,000z 30,000z 30,000z 2,000z 20,000z Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Level 4 Weapon Refining Cost 25,000z 60,000z 50,000z ? 50,000z Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Removed NPC Seller Items ? ・Fly Wing
・Butterfly Wing
・Fly Wing
・Butterfly Wing
・Wedding Dress
・Fly Wing
・Butterfly Wing
・Mastella Fruit
・Fly Wing
(Actually can be bought at Veins tool shop. Not sure if this is a bug.)
・Butterfly Wing
・Fly Wing
・Butterfly Wing
・Wedding Dress
None None
Empty Bottle 400z (NPC) ? 250z (NPC) ? (NPC) 3z (NPC) Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged
Modified NPC Seller Items ? White and Blue Potions sold at NPC Empty Bottles sold at NPC ・Empty Bottles sold at NPC
・Basic weapons sold at 1z from NPC
Empty Bottles sold at NPC Strawberrys sold at Moskovia's Fruit Seller NPC at 500z None None
Potion Level Restriction No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No
Removed Monster Drops Creamy Card
White Potion
Blue Potion
・All MVP cards
・Royal Jelly
・Most popular cards and slotted equipments ( see list )
All drop items that exist in the Item Mall (including cards), and MVP cards that are used as Event Prize, as well as several equipments and non-MVP cards. However the removed cards are still available via Old Card Album. Creamy Card
Golden Thief Bug Card
Dead Branch
・ Various popular cards (Pupa, Peco Peco Egg, Ghostring, Maya Purple, Deviling, Goblin, Kobold, Zerom, Marc, Skel Worker, Phen, Sohee, Matyr, Verit, Thara Frog and Vitata)
・ All MVP Cards
None None
Notable Item Mall Offerings ・Monster mercenaries ? ・Most popular cards and slotted equipments
・Selected MVP cards available at item mall for limited time
・Ghostring, Phreeoni, Mistress, Tao Gunka scrolls
・Siege supply boxes (tradeable/vendable)
・Monster mercenaries
・30 minute Holy armor scrolls
Item Mall events where if you buy certain item (usually Item Mall Exclusive headgears), you may win equipments/cards, usually they are equipments/cards that are removed from the drop item list Currently have 13 Item Mall NPC, selling various equipments and items. ・Enriched Oridecon/Elunium
・Battle Manual
・Most popular cards and slotted equipments
・Medium Life Potion
・Regeneration Potion
・Bubble Gum
・Glass of Illusion
・30 minute Holy×/Shadow× armor scrolls
Attempted to release Weapon Repair× and Full Chemical Protection× scrolls, but not released due to community feedback .
・Monster mercenaries
Premium Accounts×
Yes Yes Yes, but different cost from premium server Yes Yes Yes No
Notable misc. changes Storage fee 500z at all locations Town warp scrolls available from item mall
Removed Urgent Call× guild skill, scrolls available from item mall
・ Valkyrie only: PK enabled in selected maps (usually MVP maps)
・ Cards and emperium can't be placed in storage, but can be traded/vended
・ Monster spawns and drops modified
・ PK enabled in selected maps (usually MVP maps)
・ Warp Portal skill removed
・ Various cards sold at item mall
・Creation of characters requires Premium account ・ Skuld server has opened 9 times since Aug 2008
・ Now,F2P server called "welcome server". One of billing server gets F2P mode.
・ Novice potion and Combat Manual can get x2.

  • rRo have no in-game changes as they do not have a separate subscription server.