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Job Base(s): Dancer
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Lutie×
Number of Skills: 24
Total Skill Points: 121
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+2 +8 +5 +8 +6 +0

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Job Change Guide

See Wanderer Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Wanderer from a Dancer or Gypsy requires the player to complete a number of tasks:
  • Investigating a canceled performance
  • Reconciling an estranged Wanderer with her Maestro partner
  • Rigorous workout sessions to help a Wanderer get back into peak physical shape
After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Wanderer. The journey begins in Lutie!


Class Data


See Dancer Skills or Gypsy Skills for 2nd class Skills.

スキルツリー [Maestro と兼用] - iRO wiki の画像表示

Solo Skills

Skill Description Levels SP Cast Time Cool down Type
Voice Lessons Increases your Max SP and SP recovery. At skill level 5 and higher, allows you to use 3rd job skills while doing 2nd job song and dance skills. While standing/sitting still for 10 seconds, recover 6~33 SP. 10 Passive
Deep Sleep Lullaby Inflicts Deep Sleep× status to foes within a 11x11~21x21 area from you. 5 80~120 3 10 Active
Reverberation Imbues a ground cell with sound waves, which detonate to damage a 3x3 area when stepped on. 5 Offensive
Metallic Sound Deals ATK * (0.8~4 + Lesson level * 0.4) damage to target foe. Drains 1 SP per [110 - (10 * Lesson Level)] damage dealt to the target. 5 64~80 1.5 2 Offensive
Dominion Impulse Detonate all Reverberations in the targeted area. 1 Active
Lover Symphony Increases the MDEF× of nearby party members. 5 Supportive
Moonlight Serenade Increases the MATK× of nearby party members. 5 Supportive
Swing Dance Increases the ASPD× and movement speed of nearby party members. 5 Supportive
Circling Nature Heals nearby players over time, but rapidly drains their SP as well. 5 Supportive
Death Valley Resurrects a player, using their SP to restore their HP. 5 Supportive
Despair Song Create a 3x3 area on the ground which immobilizes enemies that enter it. 5 Active
Siren's Voice Prevents enemies from attacking or targeting the caster for a set duration. 5 Active
Improvised Song Invokes a random Mage or Wizard skill, which can then be cast by the performer. 5 Active
Gloomy Shyness Triple the damage of Brandish Spear×, Clashing Spiral×, Shield Boomerang×, Rapid Smite×, and Shield Press×. If the target does not have one of these skills, then the target receives a flee rate and attack speed penalty. Requires an instrument or whip to cast. 5 Active
Severe Rainstorm Hits foes every 0.3 seconds in a 11x11 area. Must have a bow equipped. Requires 20 arrows. 5 80~120 3 5 Offensive

Chorus Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Great Echo× Deal damage to all enemies around the caster. 5 Offensive
Dances with Wargs× Increase the ASPD and lower the FIXED cast time of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Song of Mana× Increase the SP regeneration of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Lerad's Dew× Increase the maximum HP of all party members around the caster. 5 Supportive
Saturday Night Fever× Place all targets around the caster into a special "Frenzy" state. 5 Active
Warcry from Beyond× Increase the ATK of all targets around the caster, but reduce their MATK. 5 Active
Sinking Melody× Increase the MATK of all targets around the caster, but reduce their ATK. 5 Active
Destruction Song× Deal damage to a target and all enemies around it as well as remove Maestro/Wanderer Buffs from them. 5 Offensive
Infinite Humming× Make skills of everyone around the caster uninterruptible at the cost of increased SP usage. 5 Active

Job Bonuses

The job levels in which a Wanderer receives a certain bonus:

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8
STR 26 27
AGI 4 7 18 31 39 43 45 50
VIT 12 13 14 22 32
INT 2 3 9 21 36 37 38 49
DEX 1 8 17 23 30 44

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