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Job Base(s): Rogue
Job Type: 3-2
Changes At: Rogue Guild
Number of Skills: 21
Total Skill Points: 96
Total Quest Skills: 0
Job Bonuses
+6 +3 +7 +5 +3 +5


Stalkers can now become Shadow Chasers in Renewal. They use body paints and other means to detect cloaked enemies, become totally invisible, and even de-buff opponents. Shadow Chasers can also hide in their enemies shadow to pass off damage being dealt to them. Add to that their ability to copy skills from other 3rd job classes and the Shadow Chaser becomes a versatile and dangerous class to play and face.

Job Change Guide

See Shadow Chaser Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Shadow Chaser from a Rogue or Stalker requires the player to complete a treasure hunt across the three nations of the rune midgard continent, and through several dungeons. After finding the unique treasure, the player will be transformed into a Shadow Chaser.

The journey begins in the Rogue Guild at Pharos Lighthouse!


Class Data


See Rogue Skills or Stalker Skills for 2nd class Skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Bloody Lust× Paint a swirling red circle (?x? area) on the ground that casts Provoke× lvl10 onto targets that enter it's range. 3 Active
Body Painting× Spray paint around you (5x5 area) that reveals hidden targets and has the chance to Blind× enemies. Enemies revealed by the skill has their ASPD× decreased. 5 Active
Chaos Panic× Paint a swirling madness (5x5 area) on the ground that casts Chaos× onto targets in it's range. 3 Active
Deadly Infection× Transfers abnormal status effect inflicting the caster onto other enemies by receiving or dealing damage. 5 Active
Dimensional Door× Paint a gateway (1x1 area) on the ground that teleports players onto a random cell on the same map. 3 Active
Divest Accessory× Divests the target of their two accessories for the duration of the skill. Decreases LUK×, DEX×, INT× by 20% for monsters. 5 Active
Fatal Manace× Snatch× enemy and surrounding enemies for 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%, 600% damage. Decreased HIT× rate. Enemies not hit will not teleport. 5 Offensive
Feint Bomb× Paint a bomb to explode shortly after (5x5 area) and Back Slide× 3, 6, 9 cells. DEX increases damage. 3 Offensive
Invisibility× Turn invisible, allowing you to attack while hidden. Cannot use skills or items. Consumes SP× until 0. 5 Active
Maelstrom× Paint a swirling circle (5x5 area) on the ground that absorbs ground-targeted magic spells. 3 Active
Manhole× Paint a swirling hole (3x3 area) on the ground that traps enemies. Trapped enemies cannot attack, or be attacked. 3 Active
Masquerade-Enervation× Decreases the target's ATK× by 30%, 40%, 50%, and to lose all Spirit Spheres. 3 Active
Masquerade-Groomy× Decreases the target's ASPD rate, HIT rate, and movement speed. 3 Active
Masquerade-Ignorance× Drains the target's SP by 100, 200, 300. Cannot cast skills or spells for the duration of the skill. 3 Active
Masquerade-Laziness× Decreases the target's movement speed FLEE× rate by 10%, 20%, 30%. Target consumes additional SP when using skills. 3 Active
Masquerade-Unlucky× Decreases the target's CRIT & Perfect Dodge× rate by 10, 20, 30. Target consumes additional Zeny× when using skills. 3 Active
Masquerade-Weakness× Decreases the target's Max HP× by 10%, 20%, 30%. Strips the target of their Weapon× & Shield× for the skill's duration. 3 Active
Reproduce× Allows the caster to copy any damage-dealing skill for their own use. Skill requirements still apply. 10 Active
Shadow Formation× Turn into the shadow of the target. Any damage you receive is transfered to the target. Cannot use skills or items for the duration. 5 Active
Shadow Spell× Allows the caster to auto-spell 1st-and-2nd class magic spells when performing melee attacks. 10 Active
Triangle Shot× Consume three arrows to attack a target three times at once. AGI× increases damage. 10 Offensive

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 2 5 31 32 44 45
AGI 8 17 49
VIT 19 20 25 29 33 42 43
INT 10 13 21 37 38
DEX 9 22 48
LUK 1 7 14 26 34

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