A Buying Store (also known as a Purchase Shop) is a player-generated "store" where players can input items they would like to buy, with a specific amount of Zeny× willing to be paid. A maximum of 5 items at a time can be advertised in a shop (2 items for non-merchants). Players must have one of item they are seeking to purchase already in their inventory. Only certain items can be purchased through a Buying Store:
  • Etc. Items
  • Non-Brewed Consumable Items

Buying Stores are created via different means based on what class the player is. Non-Merchant type characters must purchase consumable items while Merchant-types open stores via the skill Open Buying Store× much like a normal shop is opened via using the Vending× skill.


Shops are created by using a Black Market Buyer Shop License . These are usable items which disappear after use.

In Morroc×, enter the pub (morroc 45, 106) and talk to the Black Marketeer. He will sell you one time use licenses to create Purchase Shops. Each license costs 500 Zeny and can be bought in bulk up to 10 at a time.

Merchant Classes

Buying Store

Base Level : 無し
職業 : Merchant
前提スキル : Vending× Lv1
Zeny : 10,000

アイテム : Bulk Buyer Shop License 5個
クエスト報酬 : スキル Open Buying Store× 習得

  1. Alberta× にある Merchant Guild (alberta 37, 41) に行き、そこにいる Purchasing Team NPC× と話すと
    10,000 Zeny 払えば買い取り商の許可証を発行してやると言われる
  2. お金を払うと Open Buying Store× スキルを教わり、 Bulk Buyer Shop License を5個もらえる。
    Bulk Buyer Shop Licenses は Open Buying Store を使うのに必要で、以後この NPC から
    1個につき 200Zeny で1度に最大50個まで買える