Doha's Secret Orders

Base Level: 70
アイテム : Sapha Certification 6個, Clotted Bloodstain 11個, Strange Magic Stone 11個, Frozen Pieces of Skin 11個
アイテム (消費無し) : Ring of the Ancient Wise King (装着しておく事)
前提クエスト : Sapha's Visit (開始するにはステップ6まで進行させ、完了する為には Sapha's Visit を先に完了させる)

アイテム : Dragon Manteau , Bradium Brooch
クエスト報酬 : Scarab Hole Level 2 への入場

日本版タイトル : 猫耳と尻尾の男

1. After competing step 6 of Sapha's Visit, speak with Inspector Doha in the nearby room. He has a secret mission for you; he wants to get to the bottom of the attack on the report messenger earlier.

2. Speak to Doha again when he asks to take a break so he can drink. He wants you to collect any information you can while on your journey about the identity of the attacker.

3. In southwest, El Dicastes× enter the building at (137, 106). On the right side of
the room, use the elevator to go to Pub Burman Flone.
3. The Pub Location - iRO wiki の画像表示

4. Speak to the pub owner behind the bar, select Talk then, Ask about other races. He suggests you ask around among the Sapha and Cat Hand locals.

5. Speak to the following 3 NPC×s in any order:
  • In the center of El Dicastes (dicastes01× 207, 210), speak to Walking Knit and ask about other races.
  • In the north west part of El Dicastes (112, 248), speak to Resting Piom.
  • In the south east area (249, 140), speak to Training Galten.

6. Return to the pub and talk to the bartender again. He sends you to talk to the cat BK.

7. Outside El Discastes, to the southeast of your location (dic_fild01× 231, 174), speak to BK and tell him "Shay's special drink will be delivered".
  • Note: At this point, you have access to Scarab Hole Level 2 by talking to the vigilantes (dic_dun01 290, 104).

8. When BK asks, give him the Sapha Certification s. After handing over 3 Certifications, he'll send you back to Shay.

9. Shay tells you to search around to the south east outside El Dicastes for anything suspicious near the crack.

10. Two maps south (dic_fild02×), in the very south east corner of the map, look around for various spots. Once you acquire an item from one of them, return to Shay.

11. Shay tells you to gather 3 more Sapha Certifications then try and meet with Ahat.

12. Inside the Diel, Talk with the Adventure Clerk and tell him I want to meet the minister. When he tells you that Ravail is busy, ask to speak to Ahat.

13. At the back of the room, take the elevator up to the Administrative Office.

14. When you come out of the elevator, follow the short hall then turn east. At the next opportunity, turn north and follow the long narrow hallway. Speak to the Diel Guard and tell him I have permission.

15. On the next floor, go east then north and speak to the Diel Guard blocking the doorway.

16. Speak to Minister Ahat behind the desk, select any set of options.

17. Speak to Secret Adjutant next to the desk, he tells you to go to the area southeast of El Dicastes and collect 10 Clotted Bloodstain s, 10 Strange Magic Stone s, and 10 Frozen Pieces of Skin .
  • While collecting, You decide that you should also collect an extra of each to keep as evidence for Doha.

18. After collecting 11 of each piece, return to Secret Adjutant in Ahat's office, to hand in some of the pieces.

19. Speak to Minister Ahat and be rewarded with a Bradium Brooch .

20. Walk out of the building and Jarute HesLanta will pull you into his office to discuss Ahat.

21. Select any options while discussing the situation.

22. After speaking with HesLanta, return to Inspector Doha to be rewarded with a Dragon Manteau .

23. Exit the building normally.

Chesire's Call

This quest or instance can be repeated.
This quest or instance has a 24 hour cooldown period.

Base Level : 70
アイテム : Clotted Bloodstain 10個, Strange Magic Stone 10個, Frozen Pieces of Skin 10個
前提クエスト : Doha's Secret Orders

Base Exp : 70,000 -または- 105,000 (VIP)
Job Exp : 30,000 -または- 45,000 (VIP)
アイテム : Sapha Certification 1個

日本版タイトル : チェシャーの依頼 *1

1. You may return to Chesire *2 once per day to bring back 10 Clotted Bloodstain s, 10 Strange Magic Stone s, and 10 Frozen Pieces of Skin in exchange for 70,000 Base EXP (105,000 if VIP), 30,000 Job EXP (45,000 if VIP) and 1 Sapha Certification .

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