Job Type : First
Race : Doram
Changes At : Lasagna
Number of Skills : 35
Total Skill Points : 123
Total Quest Skills : 0
Job Bonuses
+0 +7 +5 +7 +10 +5










Class Data


  • 訳注 : 攻撃用スキル使用時、ランダムで追撃が発動する模様。また、追撃は初撃の2倍近い威力がある


スキル名 説明 最大レベル 種類
Basic Skill (Doram)× Novice の Basic Skill× と同じ役割だが、1ポイント分だけで9ポイント分振ったのと同等になる 1 内部能力
Bite× 1 攻撃用
Hide× 茂みに隠れて敵を回避する *1 1 攻撃外行動
Scratch× *2 3 攻撃用
Lope× 指定位置へ瞬時に跳ぶ *3 3 攻撃外行動
Stoop× Places a temporary buff on the user that decreases all damage taken by 90% for 6 seconds. 1 支援用
Sprite Marble× 最大 HP が1000 ・ 最大 SP が100追加される 1 内部能力
Soul Attack× 通常攻撃の種類が遠距離射撃になる 1 内部能力

Seafood 系スキル

スキル名 説明 最大レベル 種類
Fresh Shrimp× Recovers a small amount of HP for two minutes. Each level reduces the time between each HP recovery tick. 5 支援用
Bunch of Shrimp× Gives all party members on screen +10% ATK and MATK.
Consumes one Shrimp
5 支援用
Tuna Belly× Restores a specific % of HP to the selected player. 5 支援用
Tuna Party× Protects from damage, the amount is based on Max HP. 5 支援用
Power of Sea× Increases the effectiveness of healing by 10%. If more than 20 skill points are invested in the seafood-based skill tree, then the effectiveness of healing increases by another 20%. 1 内部能力
Grooming× FLEE +100 for 3~7 seconds.
Cures Poison, Frozen×, Stun×, Sleep×, Bleeding×, Silence×, Crystallization×, Deep Sleep×, Fear×, Mandragora Howling×
5 支援用
Purring× Casts Purring to all party members and the (Flee?) effects last from 7~15 seconds. 5 支援用
Tasty Shrimp Party× Casts Fresh Shrimp× to all party members. Players receive 150% additional SP recovery skill, Blessing of Shrimp× for 12~20 seconds (Needs verification). 5 支援用
Spirit of Sea× HP recovery from Fresh Shrimp is doubled.
2 minute duration increase for Bunch of Shrimp×.
-5 second skill cooldown of Tuna Belly×.
Increased effectiveness of Tuna Party×.
HP Recovery from Tasty Shrimp Party× is doubled.
1 内部能力

Plant 系スキル

スキル名 説明 最大レベル 種類
Silvervine Stem Spear× Attacks a target with either Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, or Ghost magic for each respective level at +700% MATK. 5 攻撃用
Silvervine Root Twist× Prevents the target from moving and receives 100 Poison damage every (#) second(s). Cannot be used on Boss monsters. 5 支援用
Catnip Meteor× Summons a variable amount of Nepeta vegetables, based off Base Level, to an 3x3~7x7 area.
If in inventory, consumes 1 Nepeta Cataria to increase the rate of Curse (Needs Verification)
5 攻撃用
Catnip Powdering× Reduces ATK and MATK by 50% to targets in a 3x3~7x7 area. The area lasts from 3~7 seconds.
"Huge" HP and SP recovery rate increase. Consumes 1 Nepeta Cataria.
5 支援用
Power of Land× Increases INT× by 20. If more than 20 skill points are invested in plant-based skill tree, MATK× + 20%. 1 内部能力
Chattering× Increases the player's ATK and MAtk by 100 for 5 seconds.
Increases the player's movespeed for 10 seconds.
5 支援用
Meow Meow× Increases the party's Atk and MAtk by 100. Also increases the party's movespeed. Duration of this buff depends on Skill Level. 5 支援用
Nyang Grass× Reduces monster's Def and MDef by 50%. Reduces other player's equipment Def and MDef to 0. Lasts 6~10 seconds. 5 ?
Spirit of Land× SV Stem Spear× massively improves the player's move speed for 3 seconds.
SV Root Twist× icreases the player's MAtk depending on Base Level for 3 seconds.
CN Powdering× increases the player's perfect Dodge depending on Base level for 3 seconds.
Autocasts SV Stem Spear when the player gets hit while casting CN Meteor×.
Nyang Grass× increases the player's MAtk depending on Base Level for 3 seconds.
1 内部能力

Animal 系スキル

スキル名 説明 最大レベル 種類
Picky Peck× 指定対象に遠距離攻撃しダメージを与える *4 5 攻撃用
Arclouse Dash× Agi ステータスと移動速度を増加する *5 5 支援用
Scar of Tarou× Deals damage and inflicts the "Bite Scar" debuff to a target. 5 攻撃用
Lunatic Carrot Beat× 範囲内の全対象にダメージを与える 5 攻撃用
Power of Life× FLEE ・ HIT ・ CRIT が各20ずつ増加する
Animal 系スキルにポイントが20以上割り当てられている場合、遠距離攻撃のダメージが20%増加する
1 内部能力
Hiss× パーティメンバー全員の移動速度と Perfect dodge を増加させる 5 支援用
Power of Flock× Freezes all enemies in range. 5 攻撃外行動
Spirit of Savage× 範囲内の全対象にダメージを与える 5 攻撃用
Spirit of Life× Picky Peck×Scar of Tarou×Lunatic Carrot Beat×Spirit of Savage× のダメージを増加させる
増加量は使用者の現在 HP 値に依る
1 内部能力

Skill Tree

  • 分岐左から Seafood 系 ・ Plant 系 ・ Animal 系。並び順は上記表の通り
    各縦方向の下から4つ分が Base Lv 100以上の追加スキル

Job Bonuses

ステータス\到達Job レベル +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
AGI 8 11 15 19 27 39 48
VIT 3 6 24 43 47
INT 9 12 16 20 31 36 42
DEX 1 5 13 17 21 25 32 41 45 50
LUK 23 29 34 37 46


装備品 攻撃速度 ASPD ポーション×種類 使用可否
Bare Handed× 156 Concentration
Shield× -7 Awakening
Rod× (One Handed) -20 Berserk


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