The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees


The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees『小鳥と蜂とモンキーズ』 (1968)

Side 1

  1. Dream World (David Jones/Steve Pitts)
  2. Auntie’s Municipal Court (Michael Nesmith/Keith Allison)
  3. We Were Made for Each Other (Carole Bayer/George Fischoff)
  4. Tapioca Tundra (Michael Nesmith)
  5. Daydream Believer (John Stewart)
  6. Writing Wrongs (Michael Nesmith)

Side 2

  1. I'll Be Back Up On My Feet (Sandy Linzer/Denny Randell)
  2. The Poster (David Jones/Steve Pitts)
  3. P.O. Box 9847 (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart)
  4. Magnolia Simms (Michael Nesmith/Charles Rockett)
  5. Valleri (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart) (This version fades out, compared to the versions on the compilations)
  6. Zor and Zam (Bill Chadwick/John Chadwick)

Bonus Tracks

  1. Alvin [prev. unissued] (Thorkelson)
  2. I’m Gonna Try [prev. unissued] (Jones, Pitts)
  3. P.O. Box 9847 [prev. unissued alternate mix] (Hart, Boyce)
  4. The Girl I Left Behind Me [prev. unissued early version] (Bayer, Sedaka)
  5. Lady’s Baby [prev. unissued alternate version] (Tork)


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