The Monkees Present


The Monkees Present『プレゼント』(1969)

Side 1

  1. Little Girl (Micky Dolenz)
  2. Good Clean Fun (Michael Nesmith)
  3. If I Knew (Bill Chadwick/David Jones)
  4. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye (Micky Dolenz/Ric Klein)
  5. Never Tell A Woman Yes (Michael Nesmith)
  6. Looking For The Good Times (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart)

Side 2

  1. Ladies Aid Society (Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart)
  2. Listen To The Band (Michael Nesmith)
  3. French Song (Bill Chadwick)
  4. Mommy and Daddy (Micky Dolenz)
  5. Oklahoma Backroom Dancer (Michael Martin Murphey)
  6. Pillow Time (Janelle Scott/Matt Willis)


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