Missing Links Volume 3


Missing Links Volume 3 (1996)

  1. (theme from) THE MONKEES [TV version] (Hart, Boyce)
  2. Kellogg’s Jingle
  3. We’ll Be Back In A Minute (Dolenz)
  4. Through The Looking Glass [prev. unissued alternate version] (Hart, Baldwin, Boyce)
  5. (Propinquity) I’ve Just Begun to Care (Nesmith)
  6. Penny Music (Weinstein, Stroll, Leonard)
  7. Tear The Top Right Off My Head (Tork)
  8. Little Red Rider (Nesmith)
  9. You’re So Good (Stone)
  10. Look Down (King, Stern)
  11. Hollywood (Nesmith)
  12. Midnight Train [demo version] (Dolenz)
  13. She Hangs Out [single version] (Barry)
  14. Shake ’Em Up (Leiber, Stoller)
  15. Circle Sky [alternate mix] (Nesmith)
  16. Steam Engine [prev. unissued alternate mix] (Douglas)
  17. Love To Love [prev. unissued alternate mix] (Diamond)
  18. She’ll Be There
  19. How Insensitive (Jobirn, Gimbel, DeMaraes)
  20. Merry Go Round (Hilderbrand, Tork)
  21. Angel Band (Nesmith)
  22. Zor and Zam [TV version] (Chadwick, Chadwick)
  23. We’ll Be Back In A Minute #2 (Dolenz)
  24. Tema Dei Monkees (Nistri, Hart, Boyce)


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