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javascript plugin Error : このプラグインで利用できない命令または文字列が入っています。



システムログは、adb shell やターミナルエミュレータ(要root権限)で logcat コマンドを実行すること確認できる。

$ logcat
--------- beginning of /dev/log/system
I/Vold    (  910): Vold 2.1 (the revenge) firing up 
D/Vold    (  910): Volume sdcard state changing -1 (Initializing) -> 0 (No-Media) 
D/Vold    (  910): Volume usb0 state changing -1 (Initializing) -> 0 (No-Media) 
D/Vold    (  910): Volume usb1 state changing -1 (Initializing) -> 0 (No-Media)
D/Vold    (  910): Volume usbdisk state changing -1 (Initializing) -> 0 (No-Media)
D/Vold    (  910): Volume sdcard state changing 0 (No-Media) -> 1 (Idle-Unmounted)
W/Vold    (  910): Duplicate state (1)
W/Vold    (  910): No UMS switch available
I/SystemServer(  981): Entered the Android system server!
I/SystemServer(  981): Entropy Service
I/SystemServer(  981): Power Manager
I/SystemServer(  981): Activity Manager
I/ActivityManager(  981): Memory class: 32
I/SystemServer(  981): Telephony Registry
I/SystemServer(  981): Package Manager
I/Installer(  981): connecting...


  • V: Verbose (重要でない)
  • D: Debug (デバッグ時に役に立つかもしれない)
  • I: Info (エラーでは無いが重要)
  • W: Warn (エラーでは無いが、今後何らかの問題を引き起こすかもしれない)
  • E: Error (何らかの問題がある)
  • F: Fatal (致命的な問題がある)

logcat のヘルプ

# logcat -h
unknown option -- hUnrecognized Option 
Usage: logcat [options] [filterspecs]
options include:
 -s              Set default filter to silent.
                 Like specifying filterspec '*:s'
 -f <filename>   Log to file. Default to stdout
 -r [<kbytes>]   Rotate log every kbytes. (16 if unspecified). Requires -f
 -n <count>      Sets max number of rotated logs to <count>, default 4
 -v <format>     Sets the log print format, where <format> is one of:

                 brief process tag thread raw time threadtime long

 -c              clear (flush) the entire log and exit
 -d              dump the log and then exit (don't block)
 -t <count>      print only the most recent <count> lines (implies -d)
 -g              get the size of the log's ring buffer and exit
 -b <buffer>     request alternate ring buffer
                 ('main' (default), 'radio', 'events')
 -B              output the log in binary filterspecs are a series of 

where <tag> is a log component tag (or * for all) and priority is:
 V    Verbose
 D    Debug
 I    Info
 W    Warn
 E    Error
 F    Fatal
 S    Silent (supress all output)

'*' means '*:d' and <tag> by itself means <tag>:v

If not specified on the commandline, filterspec is set from ANDROID_LOG_TAGS.
If no filterspec is found, filter defaults to '*:I'

If not specified with -v, format is set from ANDROID_PRINTF_LOG
or defaults to "brief"

※ -h オプションは logcat には無い...
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