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I've found my village on the map, what does it look like?

Village_icon.jpg Click on the village tab to view your village.

I can see my village but it looks a bit bare, what should I do first?

We would recommend following the in-game tutorial and quests. 75px|thumb|right|Build panel75px|thumb|right|Building info

How do I place buildings?

Left click on the building in the build panel then hover over your village and left click again to place the building.

NB : Not all terrains allow the placement of buildings, check before that it doesn’t require a certain terrain. e.g. Iron Mines require Iron Ore on the ground, woodcutters need to be close to but not on trees, to work.

Does it matter where I place buildings?

Yes, placement is very important. Where you place a building determines how many resources that building will produce per day.

Placing them closer to their storage building which may be the stockpile, keep, granary or Inn increases the total amount yielded per day. e.g. placing Apple Farms closer to the granary, will yield you more food per day.

What determines how many resources are produced by a building?

The amount produced per day depends on how close the building is to it's respective storage area i.e. stockpile, granary or village hall. The closer a building is to its storage area, the more resources it will produce. When placing a new building, the number displayed above it, is how much the building will produce each day. By clicking on a completed building, you can view how much that particular building makes per day, as well as the total production of all buildings of that type.

When I try to place a building what does the number on the building mean?

That is the amount of resources that the building will produce per day.

The number will change depending on how far from the storage area the building is. Placing them closer to the storage type they need will greatly increase resource income.

When I try to place a building the building is red?

Either you do not have enough resources to build the building or you cannot place the building on that area of land. Some buildings can only be placed on specific types of land e.g. woodcutters must be placed around the edge of trees and stone quarries must be placed on stone.

What resources are required to build buildings?

All buildings require wood and/or stone to build them. Some other buildings also require gold.

How do I make wood?

To make wood place a Woodcutters Hut just outside an area of forest.

How do I make stone?

To make stone place a Stone quarry on an area of rocks.

How do I delete a building?

Click on the building and select 'Delete this Building'. If the building is under construction or hasn't started building it will be deleted instantly and all the wood/stone/gold needed to build it will be returned. If the building is complete it will take sometime to delete and half the wood/stone/gold used to build it will be returned

How do I make food?

To make apples place an Apple Orchard near the granary, this is available in the farm tab.

You will need to do research to be able to produce other types of food, such as Dairy or Wheat Farms from the farming tab.

Why can't I build more buildings when I have the resources?

A maximum of one building can be under construction at the same time in any given village. If you have a Premium Token running, you can queue up to 5 at once, per village. 300px|thumb|right|Village info bar

What does the bar at the top of the screen mean?

The top bar displays the current resources available to you in the selected village. You can see from left to right, the amount of wood, stone and food you have available. Further along you have the total village population/housing capacity and peasants available who can be made into workers for the village or be made into troops, merchants, scouts or monks.

No one appears to be working in one of my buildings?

If you do not have enough peasants available in your village, placing another hovel or disbanding troops or units may help to solve this.

If your popularity is not high enough to attract peasants to come to your village, you need to boost your popularity.

If your building are turned off. If you can see a Zzz sign above buildings, buildings are switched off. Click on a building with this sign and click 'Turn this on' or 'Turn All Industries on'.

How do I make more peasants?

You can make more peasants by placing hovels. The closer to the village hall you place your hovel the more peasants will be created. You can also research 'housing' to improve the capacity in each hovel.

You may need to raise your popularity to get peasants to come quicker, ways to do this include lowering taxes or giving a bribe, increasing rations, feeding more types of food, placing entertainment buildings.

You can also disband troops or other units, if you wish to quickly get peasants into the village and therefore have workers available quickly.

Can I own more than one village?

Yes. Once you raise your rank to Alderman (12) you can own a second village. To take ownership of a second village, you would need to research leadership and own a captain. You could buy a village on the map, as long as you have purchased a captain and have 10,000 gold for the second village. You can also capture an enemies village by attacking an enemy and reaching the keep in the castle section. See the Table of Ranks to find out how many villages you are allowed to own at each rank. For the list of village types see the Village Table.

NOTE: Capitals are not included in the maximum number of villages i.e. it is possible to be Alderman (12) and own 2 villages + a parish capital.

How does the spare unit space work?

Each village can support a maximum of 500 'units', units are anything which the player decides to create, such as troops, scouts, traders or monks. Each type of unit takes up different amounts of unit space out of the maximum of 500.

Unit Unit space taken up
Soldier,Catapult,Captain 1
Scout 10
Merchant 10
Monk 25

An example of this would be, with no scouts, traders or monks created, you could build the maximum army size of 500 troops. However, if you had created 8 scouts and also 10 traders in your village, then you have used 80 + 100 units, leaving only 320 unit spaces for any other units, leaving your maximum army size at 320.

Building Limits

The maximum amount of hovels you can place in one village is 10. Production buildings are 30 for each building type. While gardens and decorations have the following values:

Building Max available
Flower beds 5
Formal gardens 5
Stone statues 10
Gilded Statues 5
Small Shrines 6
Large shrines 4
Dovecotes 5
Justice 4
Entertainment 5
Small Church 3
Medium Church 3
Cathedrals 1

The number of buildings left that you can place is displayed in the bottom right corner of the building icon in the build panel.

Renaming your village

To rename the village, first select the village you own and want to rename. Then using the main menu bar at the top of the screen. Click on 'Settings' and then 'Rename current village'.

What happens if my village is conquered?

If you have one village, you will be randomly assigned a new village on the map. You will keep all your gold, honour and research you have done.

If you have more than one village, you will lose that village and be left with the rest of the villages you have available.

Salt Flats village - Why can't I place buildings on the left side?

The west side of the map is only for salt working buildings and no others.

What happens with inactive players?

A village will be automatically abandoned when a player hasn't played or is dormant for a specific period of time, this time is dependant on which rank they have reached. The higher the rank the longer it takes for the village to become abandoned. If a premium token is in play at the time of going inactive, they will stay active until the premium token runs out.

Rank Days till inactive.
Village Idiot 2
Bumpkin 3
Yokel 4
Peasant 5
Serf 6
Villein 7
Bondsman 8
Freeman 9
Commoner 10
Thane 11
Yeoman 14
Alderman 16
Gentleman 18
Page 20
Squire 22
Knight 28
Baron 32
Viscount 36
Earl 40
Marquis 44
Duke 48
Prince 60

Why isn't my brewery working?

An Inn is required for the Brewery to produce ale. An Inn can be placed with no Breweries.

How do I go about purchasing a new village?

When you have reached rank 12 (Alderman) you can buy a second village (as opposed to capturing one). This will require gold, a captain, leadership research and is based on a few variables.

  • If the new plot is inside the same Parish as another of yours, it will be significantly cheaper.
  • If the new plot is in another Parish, or even County, the further away it gets, the more expensive.
  • Rank and amount of villages also apply here too.
  • Generally a new village price increments by 10k gold. A second village will cost you 10k gold. A third Village will cost you 20k gold (if within the same Parish, above rules will make it more costly) and so on.

Additionally, Captains are required to purchase a village (1 per village), and the appropriate level of Leadership research needs completed. Each level of the research allows another village to be controlled, but requires a higher rank.

The costs listed below are for a buyable village based within the same parish. Purchasing a village also requires Captains and completing the appropriate level of Leadership research.

Amount of villages Cost in gold Leadership Research
2nd village 10,000 gold 1
3rd village 20,000 gold 2
4th village 30,000 gold 3
5th village 40,000 gold 4
6th village 50,000 gold 5
7th village 60,000 gold 6
8th village 70,000 gold 7
9th village 80,000 gold 8
10th village 90,000 gold 9

The purchase price is also affected by the distance the village you wish to buy is from the parish your current village is based within. Switching to a village you own located in a parish in closer proximity to the buyable village will reduce the purchase cost.

View the table of ranks



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