Research, ranks and honour



300px|thumb|right|Research tree.


研究とはStronghold Kingdomsの重要な要素の一つです。あなたの王国を拡張し、ランクを上昇させます。技術の研究は新しい建造物や、兵科、城の防衛、倉庫の容量の増加、生産力の向上、政治システムの進化などをもたらします。

研究には何が必要? Research_icon.jpg

You need research points. You gain research points either by raising your rank or by buying them for gold.

How can I see all available research? Research_views.jpg

In the top right corner of the research screen, you will see a tab for switching between branch view and tree view.

Clicking on the right tab will bring up the research tree view which shows all available research in Stronghold Kingdoms, and how researching different technologies allows new research technologies and opens up new buildings and industries. While in tree view you can also zoom out to see the full research tree using the mouse wheel.

How long does it take to research a technology?

When you first start out in Stronghold Kingdoms it takes a relatively short amount of time to complete a research. Everytime you complete a research the time it takes to complete the next research increases. Researching Mathematics shortens the research time.

Can I research more than one technology at a time?

While you can only research one technology at a time, it is possible to queue up to 5 more technologies when a premium card is in play, which will be researched once the current research is finished, in the order that they are selected. To queue a technology to be researched, simply click on the technology in branch view as you would to start a new research. In the branch view, above the current research timer bar, you will see the 3 queued technologies. The cancel button underneath the current research icon will cancel the current research. To remove a certain research from the queue, select it's icon from the queue and click on the “Remove From Queue” button. 151px|thumb|right|Research rank

On some of the technologies there is a number, what does it mean?

The number represents the rank you must have reached before you can research the technology.

How do I raise my rank? Rank_icon.jpg‎

To raise your rank you need a specific amount of honour. (See Table of Ranks ). Once you have enough honour open the rank screen to raise your rank to the next level. Raising your rank allows access to extra buildings and research and gives you 3 more research points. 125px|thumb|left|Honour multiplier

How do I gain honour?

There are a number of ways to gain honour. You gain honour by having high popularity combined with a high honour multiplier, by holding banquets, by defending your castle from attacks successfully and by being first to stashes within your red honour circle. You can also get honour from attacking AI castles, wolf lairs and bandit camps if they are within the red honour circle of the village you attack them from, both your own village/s or from any vassal villages where you have an army.

What is a banquet?

When you make honour goods you can hold a banquet. Banquets allow you to generate honour.

How do I hold a banquet? Banquet_icon.jpg

Once you have researched Banqueting (from the Industry research tree) and have some honour goods, you can hold a banquet through the banqueting tab at the top of the screen or by clicking on the village hall. 326px|thumb|right|Banquet goods

What are the honour goods?

Venison, furniture, metalware, clothes, wine, salt, spices and silk.

Why can't I build wine, salt, spices and silk?

Not all the villages in the game have the correct soil type for growing all honour goods. See the Village Table for more information on village types.






ランクを上げることで新しい建造物をアンロックする研究が可能になります。(See the Rank Chart in the Game Manual)



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