Houses and Factions



What are Houses and Factions? Faction_icon.jpg

There are 20 Houses in the world. Each House is made up of a number of factions, with a maximum of 12 factions to a House. Factions are groups of players that join together under the same banner.

How do I join a house with 3 or more factions?

To become an additional faction the existing factions need to vote on whether your faction can join. To be accepted, you would need a majority and at least three votes.

How do I create a Faction?

In order to create a faction you must be at least the rank of page (14).

How do I invite other people to my faction?

While in the 'current faction' window, type the name of the person you wish to invite into the faction and a 'Invite User' button will become available to click.

How do I join a faction?

To join a faction you must be invited by one of the officers of the faction. Players at the rank of 14 (Page) can join a faction.

Why are some names in the faction screen in red?

The players in red are players that have been invited to your faction but not accepted the request yet.

Is it possible to see if other players are online?

If other users are in the same faction as you? Yes, you can see whether they are on-line by the radio button within the Faction, Current Faction section.

What are Officers and Generals?

A General, indicated by the red block next to their name, is the person who is in charge of a faction, they can invite, dismiss and promote members to Officers. Generals can also vote on someone else if they wish to remove themselves from power.

Officers, indicated by the orange block next to their name, can invite new members to a faction and vote on the leadership of the faction.

Our faction cannot vote out the current leader.

To vote out the current leader, three faction officers need to vote against the current leader.

What is the maximum amount of factions for the house

One house can have a maximum of 12 factions within it.



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