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プレミアムトークンはFirefly Crownを消費します。7日間トークンは30クラウン、30日トークンは100クラウンです。

500px|thumb|right|Buying Premium Tokens


プレミアムトークンはカード画面の"Get Premium"をクリックして購入します。ゲームを開始した直後のプレイヤーはプレミアムトークンを持っています。これに関しては購入不要です。

The card give the player the following advantages:

Building Queue
This allows up to 5 buildings to be queued for construction in the village. Without a premium card in play players can only place one building for construction at a time.

Move Buildings
You can move all buildings within your village screen.

Research Queue
This allows up to 5 researches to be queued in the research screen.

When exiting the game with a premium card in play, the player will have a number of options for the game to automate when logged out.

Auto Trading
This allows the trade one type of good to the parish capitals market, which the village(s) are located in. This is done every 2 to 4 hours. Setting the slider to 0% means you wish to keep none of that type of good and as much as possible will be traded at the stock exchange. Setting the slider to 100% will mean you wish keep all of that type of good. You can select the type of good you wish to trade from the drop down list.

Auto scouting
This will send out all available scouts every 2 to 4 hours to stashes within the parish the village is located.

Auto attacking
This will send out attacks with all available troops in your barracks (not troops stationed within the castle) to the chosen targets. You can attack the following bandit camps, wolf lairs and AI castles, only targets within the same parish as that village will be attacked. Attacks are sent out every 2 to 4 hours.

Auto recruiting
This option allows you to choose which troops you wish to recruit automatically, providing free peasants are in the village and weapons are available troops will be made.



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